About Yorkshire

Keeping Yorkshire Special

Easy ways to be Yorkshire's Favourite Visitors

From its lively cities to pretty villages, rolling countryside and grand coastline, Yorkshire has so much to offer. As a visitor, wherever we go and whatever we do, we have an impact, both good and bad.

By doing just a few simple things we can all help keep Yorkshire special, so that it’s ready for your next visit. Here are a few hints on how you can play a part and have a fantastic holiday at the same time!

Follow the Countryside Code

Help us look after the landscape and wildlife by avoiding damage and disturbance; use footpaths and cycle ways responsibly and take your litter away.

Try local, buy local

Here in Yorkshire we have some of the best food and drink around, and fantastic local arts and craft producers.

Explore Yorkshire's food trails and enjoy our fantastic local food. You'll be sure of a tasty Yorkshire experience. And don't forget to take something home to treat your friends and family.  You won't be far from award winning farm shops, specialist food shops, farmers' markets or Country Markets.

Or make a visit to Yorkshire's many individual shops and shows which specialise in local handmade crafts.

Leave only footprints

It is important to stay hydrated and fuel your Yorkshire adventures, but if you are having a picnic, an on the go snack or drink then please dispose of your litter. If the nearby bins are full, please take it home with you and recycle your rubbish where possible. Not only does litter spoil Yorkshire’s natural beauty, but it can be dangerous to wildlife and livestock.

Kick back, relax and leave the car at home

Getting to Yorkshire by public transport couldn't be easier and regular services link many of the area's most popular destinations.  High-speed trains from London or Edinburgh get you to the heart of Yorkshire in less than two hours.

Or give it a break, even for a day

Yorkshire has so many places to visit without even thinking about using a car.  Explore what's on your doorstep, enjoy a walk or cycle in the fresh air or a blast from the past on Yorkshire's heritage railways. Take a trip to a Tourist Information Centre for some great ideas on what to do. 

Chill out - switch off

Switch off lights and turn down the heating when you leave your room.  Close the window when the heating is on in your room and turn off standby buttons.

Be a responsible dog owner

Yorkshire is filled with dog-friendly walking routes, but please be responsible and keep your four-legged friends under control. Stick to footpaths and keep them on a lead when visiting nature reserves and moorlands in order to protect wildlife and livestock. Take extra care when walking with your dog during lambing and nesting seasons, and always clean up after your pup, disposing of the waste properly. 

Be water-wise

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, follow any towel policies or other water saving initiatives that are in place where you're staying.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Avoid over packaged goods or say no to that extra carrier bag; if you've brought your own, even better.  Try and recycle any waste you have. Ask your accommodation provider what facilities they have for this, lots will have recycling bins.

Support Green Businesses

There are many businesses across the region working to reduce their carbon footprint through the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

And most importantly have a great time when you're here!  Thanks for your support.