The Grainary Boutique Hotel

in Scarborough

Address: Keasbeck Hill Farm, Scarborough, YO13 0DT, United Kingdom

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Nestled within the heart of the sublime North York Moors, The Grainary Boutique Hotel extends an invitation to a retreat where your soul is caressed by the whispers of the vibrant countryside and mesmerising nature vistas. Spread across an impressive 40 acres of open countryside in Harwood Dale, this charming farm stay invites guests to unveil their own adventures amidst the area’s endemic wildlife and numerous scenic walking routes, all whilst being enveloped by the warm embrace of traditional Yorkshire hospitality.

Explore, Relax, and Immerse in Modern Rustic Charm

  • Countryside Elegance in Every Room: With a repertoire of 15 colourful, modern rooms, each space within The Grainary is meticulously curated to ensure your stay is imbued with comfort and serenity. Private bathrooms, Freeview TV, and a welcome tray, replete with tea, coffee, and biscuits, await to ease you into your pastoral escape.
  • An Expanse of Natural Spectacles: The encompassing Harwood Dale Forest provides a rich tapestry of trails for wildlife watching, inviting you to encounter creatures like night jars, roe deer, badgers, foxes, and dragonflies in their natural habitat. The woodland boardwalk leads you to a wetland area, home to the rare Royal Fern, offering unique experiences for nature aficionados.
  • Proximity to Coastal and Historic Gems: A mere 15-minute drive will transport you to the seaside splendours of Scarborough, whilst a 20-minute journey unveils the historic allure of Whitby, offering you a palette of experiences from serene to cultural.

Your Base for Unearthing Yorkshire’s Hidden Treasures

  • Scenic Excursions and Wildlife Adventures: Only 6.4 km away from the Harwood Dale Forest, an ecosystem teeming with life and opportunities for bird watching and wildlife encounters, your stay at The Grainary is poised to be interspersed with moments of discovery and awe.
  • Romantic Getaways and Peaceful Retreats: Couples find a particularly enchanting escape here, bestowing a notable location rating of 9.7 for their two-person adventures, offering a hint at the romantic ambiance and peaceful seclusion that permeates the property.

The Grainary Boutique Hotel: Crafting Stories of Countryside Bliss

With a legacy of welcoming guests into its serene embrace, The Grainary Boutique Hotel has been an intimate retreat where nature’s serenity and rustic luxury harmoniously intertwine. Here, your days are painted with the hues of the rolling countryside, wildlife encounters, and tranquil moments, crafting a Yorkshire story that lingers fondly in your memories, long after your departure.

Key Highlights of The Grainary Boutique Hotel

  • Scenic and Serene Location:
    • Nestled within the heart of the North York Moors, offering spectacular countryside views and a peaceful retreat.
    • Positioned in Harwood Dale amidst 40 acres of open countryside, teeming with wildlife and walking opportunities.
  • Comfortable and Modern Accommodations:
    • Boasts 15 colourful, modern rooms each with private bathrooms, Freeview TV, and a warm welcome tray.
    • All rooms curated to ensure tranquillity and comfort amidst a rustic setting.
  • Wildlife Encounters and Nature Walks:
    • Enveloped by Harwood Dale Forest, offering rich trails for observing various wildlife, including birds, deer, badgers, and dragonflies.
    • Features a woodland boardwalk leading to a wetland area, home to the uncommon Royal Fern.
  • Delicious Full English (Yorkshire!) Breakfasts available
    • Start your days off the right way, with a delicious Yorkshire breakfast on the farm, where they know how to do hearty portions. Yummy.
  • Parking available on site
    • Don’t worry about where to park, as you have all the space you need in the countryside!
  • Convenient Proximity to Notable Destinations:
    • A brief 15-minute drive away from the charming seaside town of Scarborough.
    • Just 20 minutes away by car from the historically rich town of Whitby.
  • Romantic and Relaxed Atmosphere:
    • Particularly admired by couples, earning a high location rating of 9.7 for two-person trips.
    • Offers a romantic and secluded ambiance, ideal for peaceful getaways and intimate stays.
  • Easy Accessibility and Adequate Facilities:
    • Offers complimentary parking facilities on-site, ensuring easy accessibility for guests.
    • Ideal base for exploring both the vibrant countryside and nearby towns.

An Invitation to a Tranquil Retreat

The Grainary Boutique Hotel extends a warm invitation for you to immerse yourself in a countryside retreat where nature, comfort, and exploration blend seamlessly, ensuring your Yorkshire stay is not only memorable but infused with moments of serenity, discovery, and heartfelt hospitality.

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