in Harrogate

Address: 47 Oxford Street, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 1PW

Phone: +44 01423 536606

Email: jakes@jakeanthony.co.uk

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At Jakes we’re all about personality, we’re all about individuality, we’re all about breaking the mould. We are in fact all about providing you with a retreat to which you can escape the muscle and tussle of town-centre life. Now I know you’re intelligent – you’re reading this – so maybe it would do me a favour to expand on what that actually means. Well, it means that if you want to slowly sip a super-sexy, artisan coffee, caramel mocha with marshmallows and cream whilst surfing on the WIFI then why not do it here? – that’s absolutely no problem. It means that if you want a five-course meal wedding reception with string quartet and afternoon cocktail making session go ahead and speak to the events team. What this means is that you can guarantee that we will be pulling out all the stops to make sure you have a fantastic time.

So that’s our sales-pitch out in the open, but what about the specifics? What about the spectaculars? Well…where to begin? The amazing wine-club? Mmm…maybe the stonebaked pizzas… What about the fact that we’re situated in the oldest building in high Harrogate (we have the plaque to prove it). Well… that is a point, but it’s what we’ve done with it that matters. We offer you the choice of three different rooms to dine in each tailored to suit individual tastes. The gallery has a modern blues feel, the lounge has a rustic ambience, the shop-floor has… well chairs delivered direct from the mad-hatters tea-party!

And let’s not forget our in-house bakery with dedicated patisserie team lovingly preparing the choicest cakes known to humanity. Our world famous giant meringues might draw the crowds in but please, give a slice of the Tunisian orange cake a try – and it’s gluten-free. Our team could also hand-craft you a personalised cake to celebrate that special occasion – just give us a call – Jakes cakes is where it’s at.

Do you have kids? Perhaps your companions do? Either way, we’re more than just family-friendly – our aim is to be the place in the town-centre that parents can take their children but without the stress that usually comes with such a manoeuvre. We supply crayons, colouring books, etcha-sketches, chalk boards and even a Thomas the Tank engine train-set to keep the little ones amused, giving you that much needed reprieve to re-energize and reorganize.

Well hopefully that has piqued your interest and maybe given you a few ideas to work with but I think I would be doing us an injustice if I didn’t say a little about our ethos here at Jakes. JAKES LOVES HARROGATE. Because of this wherever possible we buy local and, furthermore, we work with the other small businesses to help make Harrogate an exciting place to be. Come down and say hello.

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