Olivias Artisan Bakery & Cafe Stokesley

, in Stokesley

Address: 47 High Street, Stokesley, North Yorkshire, TS9 5AD

Phone: +44 01642 961597

Email: laura@oliviasbakeryandcafe.co.uk

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Olivia’s Bakery and Café aspires to deliver high quality and nutritious food and drink to customers and staff. All ingredients used are (where possible) sourced from biodynamic, organic, local, fair or direct trade suppliers i.e. those that the business has identified who protect the environment, wildlife, working conditions and human health.

The priorities in sourcing ingredients in food and drink are:
• Bio-dynamically farmed fresh produce.
• Organic (certified by Soil Association or other recognised body).
• Locally sourced (where possible).
• Direct Trade, Fair Trade or Free Range.

We are committed to buying a wide variety of vegetables, salads and fresh produce and meat from Clervaux Trust’s Eco Farm at Clow Beck, Croft on Tees. This fresh produce is farmed bio-dynamically and provides the basis of the fresh ingredients used in food served.

In addition to the food grown by the Trust itself, all other fresh produce is, where possible, biodynamic, organic or sourced from local producers.

In choosing a local supplier, the business endeavours to buy certified organic produce. If this is not possible, the business buys from those producers who are able to demonstrate the farming and processing methods are consistent with the ethos of sustainability and care for the environment, wildlife and human health.

Olivia’s Bakery and Café is focussed on environmental sustainability and it continually strives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote a culture of ‘living lightly’ on the land. This extends beyond food and drink to include environmentally friendly cleaning products, stationery etc.

We foster a culture of care for our customers, staff, students, suppliers, local community and the environment.

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