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Looking for an activity that’s great for mind, body and soul? Are you confused by all the perplexing settings on your camera? Do you wish that your holiday snaps were a little better at catching those special moments? Maybe you just wish you could find more excuses to get outside and take better photos?!

Well, Walking Photographer Tours can help you with all this and more. Every Walking Photographer Tour is designed to encourage people of all abilities and fitness levels to take better photos while experiencing the joys of being outdoors.

Challenge your creativity by learning new camera and photography techniques

Learn to read and interpret your surroundings in a new, exciting and creative way

Experience the thrill and buzz of being outside in the some of the country’s best scenic locations
There are wide variety of workshops and lessons available that will be just the thing to help you take your photography to the next level!

All courses are run in and around Yorkshire by Walking Photographer: Rich Bunce who has been a freelance photographer for nearly 10 years. Working for a variety of clients including M&S and Coca Cola, as well as a number of publications, means he is consistently practicing and demonstrating a broad range of photography techniques and skills.

Rich Bunce is internationally exhibited and has been nominated for many awards including: Winner of Sheffield Photographic Open 2012, Renaissance Photography Awards 2012 finalist, Lumen Digital Arts Prize 2012 finalist and shortlisted for the Vantage Art Prize 2013. He has also been shortlisted for International Garden Photographer of the Year 2014.

Rich is also an experienced and enthusiastic teacher. For over 5 years he has been delivering talks and workshops across the UK for a wide variety of educational events and organisations including museums, schools and galleries.

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