RSPB Diving Gannets Seabird Cruises, Bempton Cliffs

RSPB Diving Gannets Seabird Cruises, Bempton Cliffs

With an enormous 6-foot wingspan, the UK's largest seabird - the gannet - is a sight to behold. But to watch diving gannets up-close and personal from the water is an even more spectacular experience.

These three-hour cruises sail close to the majestic cliffs where the gannets, along with their chicks and nests, can be observed, before taking the seanic route away from the coast to marvel at the diving gannets.

The RSPB team encourages the birds to dive by throwing their favourite food, ‘chum’ (a mix of mackerel and other fish), overboard. The gannets plummet beak first into the waves at speeds of up to sixty miles an hour, and passengers will have the chance to experience this magical moment over and over again.

Alongside sightings of these graceful giants, it may be possible to see puffins, skuas, and other migrating seabirds during the trip. For avid photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, this really is an opportunity like no other to capture some incredible images.  

Each of the four cruises on offer set sail from Bridlington Harbour, aboard the iconic Yorkshire Belle, the last of the town’s great seaside pleasure cruisers. RSPB staff and volunteers will be onboard, and able to enhance the experience by offering a deeper insight into these magnificent seabirds.

There are just four cruises running this summer, so booking is essential to secure a spot for a ferry-tale ending!


  • Address: Bridlington Harbour, West End, Bridlington, YO15 3AN
  • Admission: RSPB members £24 adult, £12 child.  Non-members £30 adult, £15 child.
  • Opening times: 11th, 17th, 25th and 31st August 2019
  • Website: