Best places to see snowdrops in Yorkshire

Snowdrops bring the promise of Spring are a great cheer when spotted out and about on walks and trips through Yorkshire. Here we highlight some of the best places to spot galanthus – often with a hot drink and facilities nearby:

Mount Grace Priory

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Discover serene landscapes managed by English Heritage in the vicinity of Northallerton. This tranquil retreat offers not only a glimpse into historical grandeur but also amenities such as a car park, café, toilets, and a shop for visitors’ convenience. Membership with English Heritage is encouraged for enhanced experiences. Join English Heritage.

Nostell Priory

This Palladian gem, nestled in an expansive park just south of Wakefield, welcomes visitors with open arms, especially National Trust members. The estate promises a blend of architectural beauty and natural splendor, complete with essential facilities including parking, restrooms, a café, and a shopping area. Free for National Trust members.

Goldsborough Hall

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Once the residence of Princess Mary, Goldsborough Hall stands as a testament to stately elegance. Famous for its snowdrop displays, the hall invites guests not only to admire the blooms but also to enjoy exquisite dining and luxurious accommodations.

Brodsworth Hall

The Victorian gardens of Brodsworth Hall, initially laid out in the 1860s, present an array of seasonal wonders from snowdrops and evergreens to tulips and laburnum. Visitors can explore the splendor of spring here and enjoy amenities such as garden tearooms, parking, toilets, and a shop. English Heritage membership offers additional benefits. Join English Heritage.

Kiplin Hall

Erected in the early 1620s for George Calvert, Secretary of State to James I and the founder of Maryland, USA, Kiplin Hall is surrounded by 90 acres of lush woodlands and gardens. It’s a historical and natural sanctuary waiting to be discovered.

Fountains Abbey

Hidden in a serene valley, Fountains Abbey is a spectacle of historical and natural beauty. This National Trust site boasts the expansive ruins of a Cistercian abbey, a Georgian water garden, a medieval deer park, an Elizabethan Hall, and a Gothic church, with facilities including a car park, toilets, café, and shop available for visitors. Free for National Trust members.

Beningbrough Hall

Art exhibitions, history, and evolving gardens in the Yorkshire countryside. Please note: The Mediterranean Garden area and associated paths are fenced off for garden developments. The rest of the garden, hall and gallery are fully open. Please note, the toll bridge at Aldwark is closed, plan your journey ahead if affected. National Trust members can enjoy free access, with amenities like parking, toilets, a café, and a shop on site. Free for National Trust members.

These destinations, each with their unique charm and historical significance, offer the perfect backdrop to enjoy the simple beauty of snowdrops in Yorkshire. It’s also a great idea to plan a walk through the woods to see snowdrop – try Middleton Woods, just north of the lido in Ilkley or Danes Dyke on the coast near Bridlington. Whether you’re a horticulturalist, a nature lover, or simply in search of tranquility, Yorkshire’s snowdrop spots promise memorable experiences.

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