Dan Skinner takes a Yorkshire quiz

in Rothwell, West Yorkshire

Actor Dan Skinner is performing in the Walworth Farce at Southwark Playhouse Elephant until 18th March 2023. He took time out of rehearsals to take a Yorkshire Quiz and reminisce about rhubarb!

Angelos Epithemiou on Shooting Stars

Dan Skinner debuted his Angelos Epithemiou character on the BBC’s Shooting Stars before appearing on a series of British comedy panel shows and TV specials.

Other roles

A versatile actor, Skinner has starred in award-winning comedy and dramas, including appearing as journalist Alastair Burnet in The Crown, a recurring role as the swimming coach in Sex Education and a gorgeous turn as the lead in BAFTA nominated, Notes on Blindness.

The Walworth Farce

From mid-February, Dan is set to star live on stage in The Walworth Farce, the first major production to run at ‘Southwark Playhouse Elephant’ – the brand new 310 seat London theatre that is about to open in Elephant and Castle.


Actor Dan Skinner tests his Northern knowledge with a dastardly Yorkshire Quiz:

Which of these places isn’t in Yorkshire?

a) Arkengarthdale
b) Widdale
c) Skelmersdale

Dan’s answer

I’d be lying if I said I was 100% sure of my answer here – all these sound like they are Yorkshire-ish names but I’m gonna go with Widdale is NOT in Yorkshire.

Actual answer

c) Skelmersdale – the fictional area served by James Herriot in the book series All Creatures Great and Small.

Which of these means to be sensitive to the cold?

a) Nesh
b) Scran
c) Cadge

Dan’s answer

Now, I’m clearer on this one. If memory serves me correctly, “Scran” means food, “Cadge” means borrow/take/get, so that leaves “Nesh” as the sensitive to cold word. Although, I dunno in which context you’d use it. “Eee, he’s right nesh to the outside, he is”. Something like that?

Actual answer

a) Nesh – correct!

Which famous Yorkshire railway station became ‘Hogsmead’ in the first ‘Harry Potter’ film?

a) York
b) Goathland
c) Settle

Dan’s answer

I’m gonna guess Goathland, simply because of the name. It sounds very Harry Pottery and I reckon that’s how the location people do most of their scouting, if it sounds like it should be in a Harry Potter film then it should be in it.

Actual answer

b) Goathland – correct!

Which actor from Sheffield, played the part of Alec Trevelyan in the James Bond film “Goldeneye”,
which was released in 1995?

a) Ben Kingsley
b) Sean Bean
c) Dominic West

Dan’s answer

I know this one! Sean Bean. Easy peasy.

Actual answer

b) Sean Bean – correct!

Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell all form part of what?

a) The Liquorice Trio
b) The Rhubarb Triangle
c) The South Leeds AONB

Dan’s answer

The Rhubarb Triangle. I know this one ‘cos I did a comedy gig in Yorkshire for The Rhubarb Triangle and I was very surprised to be doing a gig for The Rhubarb Triangle having previously no clue that a rhubarb festival took place in Yorkshire. So it’s a guess, but an educated one. I can’t imagine what the South Leeds AONB is, and I think if it was the Liquorice Trio then Pontefract would be involved.

Actual answer

b) The Rhubarb Triangle – correct!


4 out of 5 correct – well done!

See Dan Skinner on stage

Dan Skinner is performing in the Walworth Farce at Southwark Playhouse Elephant until 18th March 2023.

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