Escape reality at The Escapologist

Escape reality at The Escapologist

I think that many people take things on face value and for many the adage of calling a spade a spade rings true.

So, upon entering a venue famed for its escape rooms many will think it is just that, a place where the purpose is to go in with the intention of leaving as quickly as possible.

However, The Escapologist in Selby not only challenges this aspersion, but obliterates it.

To begin with, The Escapologist is far from a basic attraction, it is a Machine of Mystery and Mixology.

Aiming to feed both your imagination, hunger for problem solving and your appetite; this immersive experience has everything you need to do exactly what they promise, escape. Tailored to you, the experience is personal from the outset from escape room genre to difficulty, food and drink before or after, this suits all occasions.

Once you enter the venue, the experience begins and in some way, you’ve already succeeded.

You’ve escaped; reality.

The steampunk bar ensnares your senses instantly, this retro-futuristic setting offers both an aesthetically and mechanically immersive view that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The ventricular maze of steel and copper piping, snaking around a plethora of gauges which all lead back to the heart of the marvel of a machine that The Escapologist truly is, will have your eyes wandering all around the room.

If that isn’t enough of a distraction, then watching the highly skilled bar staff concoct one their speciality cocktails will definitely allow your senses to wander.

No one can solve an escape room on an empty stomach, right? So it’s only apt that there is a marvellous menu available on site. However, in true Escapologist style there’s a twist. You may think a burger is just a burger, that is until it comes and the bun is black or pink; and then for dessert, try The Smoking Escapologist!

If you can stop the mesmerisation and advance upstairs you’ll be greeted by an eccentric Gamesmaster, think Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory; magnificently maniacal and expertly enthusiastic. Not only will they make your experience that whole much more enjoyable, but they will also become a good friend should you require their help in escaping.

As you await your room’s readiness, a hidden treat that some might miss, is to sit inside the egg-shaped chair. The chair, not unlike those you would find in a Bond Villain’s lair offers a unique secret. One which I will not ruin all I will say is, whisper into it and all will become clear.

There are three escape rooms to choose from, The World of Wizardry, Anarchy of the Seas and Back From the Future and each and every one of them is as spectacular as the other. If you have ever wanted to enter the world of Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean or Back to the Future, then here you can.

Time is a weird concept once in The Escapologist. It flies by but you won’t find yourself checking your watch, there is too much going on around you to do that. That is, however, until you enter one of the escape rooms and the 60-minute countdown starts. Then, time comes rushing back and no hopping into your DeLorean will allow you to go back and start over, you must live in the here and now and instincts kick in. It’s time to escape.

The rooms all have fascinating clues and puzzles and no feeling is as great as when you solve one of them as a team.

As with all experiences, it has to be enjoyed personally to really see how enticing this world is, but one thing I can promise, there will be no disappointments.

One final piece of advice.

Be smart at all times, if something unlocks remember what was in there. Everything is linked and everything could either be or become a clue.

Time is ticking, do you have what it takes?

The Escapologist is open 7 days a week. For more information visit their website.