2017 has started with a real bang in Hull, and The Deep is no exception. With exciting new arrivals, brand new displays, sensational marine art work and much more, it boasts a great day out for the whole family.


This Easter (1 to 23 April), we will be having a ‘shell’ of a time. Meet The Deep’s newest residents; a pair of Loggerhead sea turtles, called Sensa and Mabouche.

These loveable creatures have made themselves at home in the 2.4 million litre Endless Ocean exhibit, where they have been enjoying exploring their huge new surroundings.

The duo joined us from Aquatopia in Belgium following the aquarium’s closure, where they have been looked after for the past five years. They were rescued from the wild after being caught on fisherman’s long lines which caused damage to their lower jaws, meaning that they would be unable to catch their own food.

We’ve got lots of family activities taking place too. Take part in the turtle egg trail and create your own turtle at Craft Corner (11am to 4pm) as well as learning more about these creatures in the Endless Wonders presentations at 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 3pm.


We are also excited to reveal our new-look Lagoon in its full glory following a £500,000 refurbishment. This has been a six month project in collaboration with world class exhibit designer David Lazenby that is sure to impress visitors of all ages.

The exhibit will be home to hundreds of tropical fish (including some eye catching new arrivals) as well as our own juvenile Zebra sharks that were born and bred at The Deep.

As well as beautiful marine life the display boasts amazing new colourful corals and large mangrove trees which are both very important to the health of a coral reef and its surrounding coastline. In addition there is also a wave machine that replicates the tidal movements of a true costal habitat, ensuring the animals feel right at home.

Hear all about how the exhibit has been created and the new species that inhabit it in our daily ‘Meet the Mangroves’ presentations at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.


If you are still looking for more from your day out, don’t despair, there’s still lots more to see and do!

Head on down to the Penguin exhibit and see our keeper’s hand feeding them at 11:30am and 3:30pm. Find out more about the Gentoo species, how we care for them and the threats they face in the wild.

Get up close with some of our smaller species native to the UK in a touchpool session at Dylans Discovery Corner including starfish, velvet swimmer crabs and sea urchins, happening at half past the hour between 10.30am and 4.30pm. It’s perfect for little ones!

And don’t forget our daily dive presentation at 2pm, where you can see our Aquarists feeding some of our larger residents as well as carrying out essential cleaning and maintenance tasks.

You can also head for a bite to eat in the Observatory café, with views overlooking the Humber, stop off at The Deep-artment Store and browse our selection of gifts, walk through the stunning viewing tunnel or ride in the famous glass life through the 10 metre tank.


Save 10% by booking your tickets online at before you visit. All you need to do is bring the confirmation number with you, and this will be exchanged for your tickets.

The Deep also offers free return visits for 12 months with our Day Plus Pass scheme. Simply give your details at reception on arrival and keep your tickets safe for unlimited free return visits (excluding Bank Holidays).


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