Red Nose Day Jokes for Yorkshire

Friday 17th March 2023 is Red Nose Day in the UK where schools, community groups & businesses raise money for Comic Relief. People wear red noses, do charity challenges and tell jokes.

Some Yorkshire Jokes


Authorities are currently investigating the disappearance of Yorkshire
But so far they have no Leeds.


I don’t know why everyone is suddenly out Twerking…
My mate from Yorkshire has been doing it for years. As he says, it’s how he gets t’money t’pay t’bills.

Tom cat

Yorkshire man takes his cat to the vet.
Yorkshireman: Ayup, lad, I need to talk to thee about me cat.
Vet: Is it a tom?
Yorkshireman: Nay, I’ve browt it with us.

Local rates

An American is on a tour of European churches.

1st stop the Vatican. He’s surprised to see a golden telephone offering direct calls to heaven at £1,000,000 per minute

2nd stop. Notre Dame, Paris. He sees another golden telephone, this time offering calls at £500,000 per minute.

3rd stop. St Paul’s, London. Another golden phone but now £100,000 per minute.

4th stop. York Minster. He’s shocked to see another golden phone but calls are now just 10 pence a minute.

Perplexed, he waylays a passing deacon & asks what the deal is. The deacon says “the answer is quite simple, lad. You’re in Yorkshire now, so it’s just a local call”.

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