Hidden away just minutes from the hustle and bustle of Sheffield’s streets, located in the original Glossop Road Baths, is Spa 1877.

As you walk into the Victorian building the calm and tranquillity of the spa hit you. Greeted by welcoming staff, I moved through to collect my personal spa basket which contained all I needed for my evening – a towelling robe, foot wear and a towel. Directed through the warren of corridors I found myself in the spacious and modern changing rooms.

Heading back downstairs I noticed the sign advising ‘no phones or tablets allowed in the relaxation room’. There is no excuse for not switching off and relaxing during your visit to the Spa.

My first stop was the relaxation room. I was shown around the Hamman, just off the relaxation room by the friendly spa therapist who explained the benefits of each area in the spa, which was great for a first timer.

In the relaxation room I had chance to absorb my historic surroundings. In the middle of the room was an ornate staircase which lead up to the treatment rooms. A large fish tank was located on the far wall, filled with beautiful calming fish. Hidden behind the fish tank is a variety of iced waters, which you can help yourself too throughout your visit. My personal favourite was the mint and cucumber water. Around the area are some images which help you to understand the spas history.

I took a seat in the relaxation room with a magazine from the available selection, and some calming colouring provided. I was offered a hot drink, which are available throughout too.

Within the Hamman is where the real jewels of the spa are contained. Surrounding the Hamman are marble benches perfect for relaxing on in between the spa experiences. The marble benches are warmed so a perfect start to rest on. I had a lie down on the benches, which help to relieved stiff muscles in your back.

Firstly, I gave the tropical rain shower a try, tucked away in the corner of the Turkish bath. I started with the tropical rain drop and then the massaging jets which shower you from the sides. After a few minutes of being transported into a tropical paradise I took the plunge with an icy blast. This certainly did bring me back from the tropical paradise I had just imaged myself in.

Next up, I decided to try the first, and not so hot, aroma steam room. Luckily for me no one else was in the steam room at the time so I had the whole area to myself. When I walked in I was struck by the warmth of the steam room and the beautiful smells. During the showroom I had been shown the showers which are available to cool the seats if you need to before sitting down. The pale blue lights left me relax and drift away.

I decided to brave the ice cave after another quick stop on the marble benches in the Hamman. I had been informed that exfoliating with the ice was good for your skin and helped increase circulation, with that in mind I picked up a handful of the crushed ice being made in the cave and braced myself. Much to my surprise it wasn’t as cold as I was expecting and was actually therapeutic. After my experience I would recommend an icy exfoliation, but I couldn’t hang around in the cave too long.

I was excited to try the next and biggest steam room in the Turkish bath, and I was not disappointed. This had been restored with all the traditional Victorian features. The eucalyptus scent embraces you as soon as you enter, which is great for clearing your head and getting rid of the winter cold. I took a seat near the door to acclimatise myself before exploring further. This steam room is set to a higher temperature than the aroma steam room. After a few minutes I delved further in to what I can only describe as a steam cave to enjoy the warmer air further in. Drowned in red lights, I did wonder how the plants in the steam room survived.

My final heat experience was the traditional wooden sauna. Having picked up a towel which was provided on my way in, I set up on the wood benches and made myself comfortable. Equipped with sand timers on the wall I sat back and relaxed in the dry heat. With the colour changing calming lights I could have easily spent the night in there.

Lastly, I had to try the plunge pool which was covered in ornate tiles and lay at the end of the Hamman. I could see that there were a number of steps down into the pool so you don’t need to take the plunge straight away. I only made it in up to my knees in the icy 4 degrees water but I was told that plunging your shoulders under has a great range of benefits! I just couldn’t brave the cold but maybe next time.

I really didn’t want to leave the Hamman or the relaxation room at the end of my session, which you have the freedom to flit between during your experience. It was a great chance to relax and unwind in the ornate Victorian Spa. As well as the spa experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, why not treat yourself or a loved on to a treatment or two. A perfect way to escape and rejuvenate in the run up to the busy festive period.    

Set in the vibrant Devonshire Quarter of Sheffield city centre, Spa 1877 is housed in the original Glossop Road Baths. Elegantly combining Victorian architecture with modern technology, Spa 1877 offers a beautiful setting in which you can experience relaxing health and beauty treatments. You can find out more information by visiting