Yorkshire cricketer Harry Brook on “playing in one of the best competitions in the world”

Welcome to Yorkshire Ambassador, Harry Brook, is currently playing in the Indian Premier League for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). We caught up with him shortly after he made his mark in his debut IPL season, with an unbeaten 100* against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

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What have you enjoyed most about the first few weeks of IPL?

“Obviously a new experience like going out exploring the cultures, learning the cultures, having a, having a few rides in a tuk tuk and obviously to play in one of the best competitions in the world, if not the best competition in the world and learn, learn from some of the best players in the world and play against them.

“Yeah, it’s been, it’s been good so far.

“Hopefully we can, we can start getting on a bit of a winning streak now and push for qualification.”

Have you had your family with you out here while you’ve been here?

“Yeah, they came out for a little bit and obviously a few friends as well.

“So, no, that’s, that’s broke up the trip a little bit and it’s made it quite nice to be out here, obviously not spent too much time with them in the last couple of years.

“So to have had them out here and experience different, different cultures and what not with them as well.

“It’s been really nice.”

Have you managed to get some golf in?

“Always time for golf.

“Don’t matter where I am.

“There’s always time for golf.”

Who have you been playing golf with? The head coach?

“Brian Lara is very keen on golf so he’s been sorting out quite a few rounds for us, Marco Jansen and then a couple of other lads.

“Yeah, they’re pretty keen for golf.”

And have you found the cricket, the first two games that you played in IPL?

“Yeah, obviously we didn’t get off to the best of starts, but I was happy to have contributed in that one game six games down.

“Now, we’ve won two.

“So we need to pull our finger out a little bit now, we need to start winning.

“And, yeah, hopefully we can, like I said, we can get on a little bit of a winning streak now and I can contribute personally to a few more wins.”

What’s been the main differences that you found playing in IPL against other tournaments you played?

“Obviously, there’s a lot of media, there’s so much more media stuff.

“It’s everywhere.

“It is the main thing in India at the minute.

“And yeah, that’s one of the main things, but obviously experience different pitches and conditions as well.

“It’s been a bit of a challenge and hopefully I’ve learned in these in these last six games how to go out and play, play these games because it’s not easy just to come into a different, different country and you got to adapt quickly and like I said, thankfully I got, I got a bit of a contribution a couple of games ago and yeah, hopefully I can have many more to come.”

and that hundred you made, you did that at the top of the order.

How did you feel that opening?

“Yeah, it’s been good, but I haven’t done it much.

“Obviously I, I’ve kind of made my name batting at five, so to have to have gone up the top and scored, scored 100 in my first three games is, yeah, it was, it was good.

“I don’t feel like I’ve done as well as I’d like to have done in my past 20 games playing T 20.

“So to have got 100 and put 100 in there in the best competition in the world.

“Yeah, it was really nice. That’s good. Very good. And, and, it’s obviously a long time. You’re here for quite a long time.”

What are you missing most about Yorkshire?

“Obviously, the greenery, the fresh fresh air. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of food I’m missing as well.

“You always should put in plenty of gravy and then just being at home, like, I haven’t spent so much time there recently.

“I bought a new house a few months ago.

“So, yeah, to, to get back there at the end of this camp will be refreshing and have a week or so.”

There will be nice and a big summer ahead and Ashes series, are you doing anything particularly while you’re here to prepare for that?

“Obviously just trying to focus on the IPL at the minute, but with that in the back of my mind, not trying to burn myself out really.

“Yeah, just, just trying to concentrate on the next game at the minute.

“And yeah, that’ll happen when it happens.

And, and any message for any all the people back home in Yorkshire?

“Just keep supporting.

“Hopefully, hopefully I can get a few more match winning contributions and a couple more fifties, thirties would be nice.

“And yeah, just keep supporting and keep watching guys.”

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For fans in US, it is exclusively available on Willow TV.

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