The Judging Process

The Judging Process 

The LNER Song for Yorkshire gives you the opportunity to be seen and heard by music and media industry professionals including award-winning classical opera singer Lizzie Jones MBE, Kaiser Chiefs’ Simon Rix, Capital presenter JoJo, stage and screen star Natalie Anderson, TV presenter Luxmy Gopal, LNER Commercial Director Suzanne Donnelly and theatre producer Dan Bates.

The LNER Song for Yorkshire judges are chosen to reflect an assortment of music genres and interests. They believe in creativity and chasing dreams and are dedicated to helping singers and songwriters receive the recognition and acknowledgment they deserve.

Our judges use a consistent set of standards to make impartial decisions as to the merits of the song.

By entering the LNER Song for Yorkshire your application will be judged fairly across the songs structure, composition and lyrics, music and melody and vocal quality.

- Song has clear Yorkshire theme and a cohesive idea
- The song has clearly identifiable sections, verse, chorus, etc
- The song is between 2 to 4 minutes
- The lyrics are memorable, rhythmic, melodic and flowing
- The lyrics evoke an emotional response

- The music and melody add to the emotional impact of the song
- The music keeps the listener interested and engaged
- The music and lyrics fit together in a cohesive way

- Overall sound of the voice/s
- Clear enunciation (is each word expressed as the singer intends?)
- Voice Control (is the pitch sung accurately, are they a bit sharp or flat?)
- Musical Phrasing (how the singer/s “shapes” each line of the song)

So, what’s stopping you… enter your song now!