Let's Get Quizzical

Let’s Get Quizzical

Time to test your Yorkshire knowledge with another 20 in 2020. Find out how much you know about the county that gave us Captain Tom Moore, Captain Cook and caps ‘n’ whippets … captivating!


  1. Sir Michael Parkinson interviewed thousands of the world’s most famous, from Mohammad Ali to Dame Edna Everage. In which Yorkshire town did he grow up?
  2. In 2019 which North Yorkshire historic building celebrated its 950th anniversary?
  3. Pontefract is famous for its Pontefract cakes. What is its main ingredient?
  4. Nicola Adams is officially GB’s most successful female boxer. In which Yorkshire city was she born?
  5. Mary’s church in Beverley has a carving which is reported to be the inspiration for which character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland?
  6. Which famous steam locomotive was built in Doncaster in 1922-3?
  7. In which stunning Yorkshire bay is The Times Beach of the Year?
  8. Yorkshire is home to England’s largest single drop waterfall. What is its name?
  9. Which picturesque coastal town is celebrated as Britain’s first ever ‘seaside resort’?
  10. Yorkshire boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Can you name them?
  11. Born in Sheffield, the first British astronaut and first woman to visit the Mir Space Station in 1991 is called?
  12. Daniel Defoe’s fictional castaway Robinson Crusoe set sail from which Yorkshire dock on 1st September 1651?
  13. Ed Sheeran spent his early years in the pretty Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, but in which Yorkshire town was he born?
  14. Where is the Captain Cook Memorial Museum?
  15. Which pioneering female flying legend was born in Hull on 1st July 1903?
  16. Can you name the Leeds city centre restaurant with a Michelin star?
  17. In which year did Harrogate host the Eurovision Song Contest?
  18. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was the second highest-grossing film of 1991. Name the stunning natural Yorkshire landmark where scenes were shot featuring actor Kevin Costner?  
  19. A celebrated ‘triangle’ in West Yorkshire is famous for harvesting which vegetable?
  20. A Yorkshire born (Snainton) actor won the Best Actor Oscar for playing the lead role in the multi-award-winning 1982 film Gandhi. Who is he?


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This article was originally written for This Is Y magazine digital edition – Sept/Oct 2020. To view the full magazine, click here