Proposal Dos and Don'ts

Our Dos and Don’ts on proposing

Did you know that Valentine's Day is the 5th most popular date for proposals? Yorkshire is home to some of the greatest beauty spots in the UK for popping the question, we want to give you a helping hand this year so here are our top 10 Dos and Don’ts to consider before popping the question. 

1. Do know what they’d like

Is your other half more private and personal, outdoorsy and romantic or would prefer a big and public proclamation of your love in one of Yorkshire’s vibrant city centres? To get a steer you could bring up some examples you’ve seen or YouTube videos and closely gauge their reaction.

2. Don’t forget your ring

Whilst emotions can suddenly take over and an in-the-moment proposal feels like the perfect idea, the investment and time taken to plan and choose thoughtfully is a sign of commitment in itself.

3. Don’t rely on pets or young children

Pets and young children can be unpredictable and we’ve heard many tales of a ring attached to the collar of a dog that ran around the Cow & Calf at Ilkley Moor with it.

4. Do make sure the ring is insured

If you've saved up and are able to afford a ring for your potential fiance, there’s no bigger mood killer than realising you’ve scratched, lost or had the ring taken!

5. Don’t share your plans

The perfect opportunity to pop the question may not come as soon as you’ve planned and humans are notoriously bad for keeping secrets.

6. Do be romantic

Times have changed but there’s still something charming and romantic about a gorgeous location, dropping to one knee if you are able and especially on the scenic backdrop of one of our many stunning proposal hotspots right on your doorstep! Overlooking the Moors, by the castles, beaches, city halls, cathedrals and national parks, you’re never short on choice for a beautiful backdrop.

7. Don’t guess what they’ll say

It may seem obvious but do make sure you’ve brought up marriage before and it’s something you both dearly want. 

8. Do plan your wording

In times of excitement and nervousness, we can easily forget our train of thought and having some truly thoughtful words to express how you feel about wanting to commit to a lifetime together goes a long way to make the moment memorable.

9. Don’t overlook the location and timing

This story is going to be re-told a lot so make sure it’s a story worth re-telling. The backdrop from Bridgeton – Castle Howard, Whitby Abbey, York Minster or the North York Moors would make for a great tale to be told.

10. Do enjoy the moment!

A proposal is one of the most precious memories you create with your other half so most importantly – savour every second.

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