Learn, Play and Explore with Camp Hill

Learn, Play and Explore with Camp Hill

As many of you are now educating from home, every week Camp Hill will be publishing a free educational tool to use outdoors in the spring sunshine. This week's resource is the nature treasure hunt trail with the aim of identifying textures using outdoor materials.

As part of the national curriculum outdoor learning is a vital tool in children’s progression. For many young people a preferred place and form of learning rather than an indoor classroom environment. Outdoor learning is known to improve young people’s health and wellbeing through fresh air and physical exercise. Educating in the outdoors allows children to experience nature, develop life skills and bond with one another in the joys of the outdoors.

At Camp Hill, they are at the forefront of outdoor learning days and residential visits with many young people across the country visiting every year. They wanted to share with you effective tools and resources of outdoor learning to use from the simplicity of your back garden or on a country walk.

Click on the links below to download the great Camp Hill resources:


Nature Treasure Hunt Trail


Easter Challenge

WEEK 3: 

Pond Spots

Week 4: 

Match 'em up Mission

Week 5: 

Leaf Hunt

Week 6: 

Outdoor Learning Word Puzzle