Treetop Nets, Ripon

Treetop Nets at Ripon gives children and adults alike the chance to bounce to their heart’s content, high in the trees – suspended in an exciting series of nets and slides.

Completely enclosed, there’s no need for a safety harness – just a head for heights!

The family-friendly attraction provides participants with two hours of bouncy adventures, as they explore via a series of giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels – all suspended between the trees in a mature native woodland. There’s even a ball play zone.

As Treetop Nets combines outdoor adventure with fun and play, it’s a fantastic day out for kids of all ages - helping them develop fitness, confidence, strength and agility.

The nets are safely suspended between the trees, up to 12m above the ground, so children will build their confidence as they get used to the height and use their balance to stay upright. It takes a lot of energy for little ones to make their way around the bouncy nets, so be prepared for a sleepy journey home!

It’s £20 for a two hour session for adults & children over the age of 5, with under-5s enjoying the fun for just £13. Groups of up to three children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult in the nets themselves, with children aged 5 or above accompanied by an adult on-site.


  • Address: Lightwater Valley, Ripon, Yorkshire, HG4 3HT
  • Admission: £20 for over-5s, £13 for under-5s
  • Opening Times: Book your time slot online, and allow two hours for bouncing fun!
  • Phone: 01539 447186
  • Email:
  • Website: