Lockwood, Huddersfield

Welcome to Lockwood, a vibrant suburb located in the bustling town of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Known for its rich industrial heritage, Lockwood is a place where history and modernity coexist. The area is home to the iconic Lockwood Viaduct, a testament to its past, while also boasting a range of contemporary amenities, from cosy cafes to local shops. With its easy access to the town centre and beautiful surrounding countryside, Lockwood offers a unique blend of urban convenience and rural charm, making it an ideal destination for visitors seeking a diverse experience.

Fact Pack – Lockwood, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

  1. Lockwood is a small area of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, England.
  2. It is located to the southwest of the town centre.
  3. The district is known for its Victorian architecture, with many buildings dating back to the 19th century.
  4. Lockwood was historically a centre for the textile industry, particularly wool and cotton spinning.
  5. The Holme River runs through Lockwood, providing a scenic waterway.
  6. Lockwood has its own railway station, which is on the Penistone Line.
  7. The district is home to several parks and green spaces.
  8. Lockwood is also home to several schools, including Mount Pleasant Primary School and Moor End Academy.
  9. The district has a diverse population, with a mix of different cultures and communities.
  10. Lockwood is also known for its local sports teams, including Lockwood Park Rugby Club.

Lockwood, Huddersfield on the map

FAQs About Lockwood, Huddersfield

Where is Lockwood located?

Lockwood is located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

What is Lockwood, Huddersfield known for?

Lockwood, Huddersfield is known for its rich industrial history, particularly in the textile industry and brewing. It also has beautiful Victorian architecture and is close to the scenic Peak District.

How can I get to Lockwood, Huddersfield?

Lockwood is easily accessible by road and rail. It has its own railway station, Lockwood Station, which provides regular services to other parts of West Yorkshire and beyond. By road, it’s connected via the A616 and A62.

Where Next after Lockwood, Huddersfield?

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