Welcome to Netherthong, a small village located near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. This quaint location is known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and friendly locals. With its traditional stone-built houses, lush green fields, and a peaceful atmosphere, Netherthong offers a unique blend of rural tranquility and cultural heritage. The village is also home to a variety of local businesses, including cosy pubs, artisan shops, and a community-run village shop. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply looking for a serene getaway, Netherthong is a destination that promises a memorable visit.

Fact Pack – Netherthong, West Yorkshire

  1. Netherthong is a small village located in West Yorkshire, England.
  2. It is part of the Holme Valley, lying to the south of the town of Holmfirth.
  3. The village is situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees.
  4. Netherthong has a population of approximately 1,000 people.
  5. It is known for its charming stone-built houses and narrow winding streets.
  6. The village has a primary school, Netherthong Primary School, which was established in the 19th century.
  7. Netherthong is home to All Saints Church, a Grade II listed building that dates back to 1829.
  8. The village has a strong community spirit, with several local events held throughout the year, including the Netherthong 10k road race.
  9. Netherthong was historically a centre for cloth making, with several mills located in the area.
  10. The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside, offering numerous walking and cycling routes.

Netherthong on the map

FAQs About Netherthong

Where is Netherthong located?

Netherthong is located in West Yorkshire, England.

What is Netherthong known for?

Netherthong is a small, charming village known for its traditional English architecture and beautiful surrounding countryside. It’s a peaceful place with a strong sense of community.

What amenities are available in Netherthong, West Yorkshire?

Netherthong offers various amenities including local shops, pubs, and a primary school. It’s also close to the larger towns of Holmfirth and Huddersfield, which provide additional services and attractions.

Where Next after Netherthong?

Having visited the charming village of Netherthong in West Yorkshire, you might be wondering where to head next. A short drive away is the bustling town of Huddersfield, known for its Victorian architecture and rich history. You could also explore the nearby Holmfirth, famous for being the filming location of the long-running sitcom ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. If you’re a nature lover, the Peak District National Park is just a stone’s throw away, offering breathtaking landscapes and numerous hiking trails. Alternatively, you could venture further into Yorkshire and visit the historic city of York, with its stunning Minster, ancient city walls, and the fascinating Jorvik Viking Centre. The picturesque Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors are also must-visit locations for their natural beauty and quaint villages.