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Doncaster Chamber of Commerce has unveiled a bold new vision, “Doncaster ‘35: A Manifesto for a Winning City,” aimed at propelling the city towards a prosperous future.

This forward-thinking plan outlines the necessary steps for Doncaster to overcome its current challenges and seize upcoming opportunities, with a target year of 2035.

A Strategic Vision for Doncaster

Doncaster ’35 is an optimistic yet pragmatic manifesto developed with significant input from local businesses. It emphasizes the role of the Chamber, private sector, local authorities, and other partners in creating a thriving economic environment.

The document positions Doncaster as a “gold standard” for small, modern cities with an industrial heritage by 2035.

Collaboration and Consultation

The manifesto was shaped through in-depth interviews and a roundtable workshop with business leaders from various sectors. They addressed several critical issues, including the revitalisation of the city center, bridging skills gaps, enhancing strategic partnerships in South Yorkshire, attracting major investments, and improving transport infrastructure.

Key Themes and Objectives

Doncaster ’35 revolves around four main themes: City Centre, Workforce, Transport, and Strategic Institutions & Partnerships. For each theme, the manifesto outlines the current state, desired future state, and the actions required to achieve the vision.

City Centre

Revamping the city center is important for Doncaster’s future. The manifesto calls for improvements in cleanliness, safety, and infrastructure, alongside the development of a vibrant urban core. The Chamber commits to actively participating in the city center masterplan and supporting initiatives to boost the area’s appeal.


Addressing the skills gap is a priority. The manifesto highlights the need for increased access to higher education and better collaboration between educational institutions and the business community. This includes efforts to establish a university campus in Doncaster and promote the city as a hub for transport excellence.


Transport infrastructure is pivotal for economic growth. The manifesto advocates for the “South Yorkshire Airport City” scheme and other initiatives to enhance connectivity. The Chamber plans to work with partners to develop these projects and support sustainable transport solutions.

Strategic Institutions & Partnerships

Strengthening strategic partnerships is essential for Doncaster’s development. The manifesto emphasizes the importance of cohesive efforts among local authorities, regional government, and the private sector to drive significant investments and foster a collaborative environment.

Calls to Action

The manifesto includes various calls to action for public sector partners, urging them to take concrete steps to improve the city. These include enhancing the city’s cleanliness and safety, advancing education initiatives, and supporting the “Team Doncaster” effort to boost local momentum.

Chamber’s Commitments

The Chamber pledges to ensure its members contribute to key initiatives, like the city center masterplan and the development of Doncaster as a transport excellence center. It also commits to advocating for the establishment of a university campus in the city, among other priorities.

Launch and Reception

The manifesto was officially launched at the annual Doncaster, What’s Next? Business Conference. Dan Fell, Chief Executive of Doncaster Chamber, emphasized the city’s achievements and the need for continued progress. He highlighted the importance of bold leadership and the community’s role in driving the city’s future.

Business Leaders’ Perspectives

Local business leaders have welcomed the manifesto, expressing their support for its vision and objectives. They underscore the importance of a vibrant city center, a well-prepared workforce, and strong strategic partnerships. Their testimonials reflect a shared commitment to Doncaster’s ambitious future.

Sarah Naylor, Head of Commercial and Dispute Resolution at Switalskis Solicitors, praised the optimistic outlook for the next decade. Tariq Shah, CEO of Vigo Group, stressed the importance of rejuvenating the city center. Gemma Peebles, Principal of Harrison College, emphasized the need for collaboration between education and industry.

Other leaders, such as Mark Taylor from Automated Analytics, Mark Chadwick of Stadium Garage, and Lindsy James from Active Fusion, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the significance of a unified approach to achieving the manifesto’s goals.

Final Points

Doncaster ’35 is a comprehensive, business-led vision that addresses current challenges and leverages future opportunities. It calls for collective action from all stakeholders to ensure Doncaster not only keeps pace with the changing world but sets new standards for success.

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