Exploring the Big Ideas That Shape Our World – Berwins Salon North Event in June 

in Harrogate

Imagine spending an evening discussing profound questions about gravity and the evolving relationship between humanity and technology.

This opportunity is available at the upcoming Berwins Salon North even in Harrogate. on June 6th. Join Professor Claudia de Rham, Dr. Tom Chatfield, and Dr. Phoenix Andrews as they explore the influential forces shaping our world in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Berwins Salon North Event

The Event

The Berwins Salon North series, held in a cabaret-style environment, allows attendees to enjoy a drink at the bar while engaging with thought-provoking TED-style talks.

These events have been highly acclaimed, even being named one of the ‘Top 100 Things to do in the World’ by GQ magazine. This June, the event will feature three distinguished speakers:

Professor Claudia de Rham

A world-renowned physicist and professor of theoretical physics, Claudia de Rham has dedicated her life to understanding gravity. Her journey includes flying over Canadian waterfalls as a pilot, dreaming of space as an astronaut candidate, and pushing the boundaries of Einstein’s general theory of relativity as a physicist. De Rham’s insights into gravity promise to be a highlight of the evening.

Dr. Tom Chatfield

Author and tech philosopher Dr. Tom Chatfield will discuss the co-evolution of humanity and technology. His work examines how our interaction with technology has fundamentally altered human existence, exploring both the benefits and the challenges that come with technological advancements.

Dr. Phoenix Andrews

Journalist, writer, and broadcaster Dr. Phoenix Andrews will shed light on the fascinating world of fandoms. Andrews will reveal how collective enthusiasm and people power have driven some of the most unexpected events in recent history, illustrating the profound impact of fan communities on culture and society.

A Unique Cultural Experience

Sharon Canavar, Chief Executive of Harrogate International Festivals, highlights the joy of learning about the world in an entertaining way through the Salon series.

“Salon gets you thinking and it gets you talking,”

she says, emphasizing the diverse range of topics, from the mysteries of gravity to the power of collective human action.

Martin Whincup, Associate Director of Berwins Solicitors, describes the Salon North events as a unique and inspiring experience. “There’s nothing quite like it,” he remarks, expressing pride in supporting these evenings that have become a popular fixture on Harrogate’s cultural calendar.

Event Details

  • Location: The Crown Hotel, Harrogate
  • Date: Thursday, June 6th
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Tickets: £18 (plus a £2.50 booking fee)

Tickets can be purchased through the Harrogate International Festivals website or by calling the Box Office at 01423 562 303.

About Harrogate International Festivals

Harrogate International Festivals is a charitable organization dedicated to presenting a diverse, year-long program of live events that provide immersive and moving cultural experiences. The Festival curates and produces over 300 unique performances annually, celebrating both world-renowned artists and emerging talent across various disciplines, including music, literature, science, philosophy, and psychology.

The HIF+ education outreach program engages schools, young people, and the local community with workshops, talks, and projects, ensuring that everyone can experience the transformative power of the arts.

For more information, visit the Harrogate International Festivals website or follow them on social media:

  • Facebook: @HarrogateInternationalFestivals
  • Twitter: @HarrogateFest
  • Instagram: @harrogatefestivals

See the full press release here.

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