Bradford Cathedral: Fairtrade’s Campaigner of the Month

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Bradford Cathedral was honored as Fairtrade’s Campaigner of the Month in April as the Fairtrade logo celebrated 30 years in the UK. This recognition highlights the Cathedral’s unwavering commitment to Fairtrade and its dedication to advocating for fair wages and ethical treatment of workers globally.

The Fairtrade Path

Bradford Cathedral’s Fairtrade commitment began in 2007 when it achieved ‘Fairtrade Church‘ status. Over the past 15 years, it has actively championed Fairtrade, including winning an award in 2009.

The Cathedral has consistently advocated for Fairtrade and supported its mission through initiatives like the annual Fairtrade Breakfasts, which have been pivotal in raising both awareness and funds.

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Annual Fairtrade Breakfast

The seventh annual Fairtrade Breakfast took place on Sunday, March 10, raising £110 for Transform Trade, a charity that supports fair wages and safe working conditions for tea growers and garment workers in low-income countries.

The event was attended by members of Bradford Cathedral’s Eco-Group and volunteers.

Recognition and Achievements

Sarah Brazier, Head of Campaigning and Engagement at the Fairtrade Foundation, expressed her admiration for Bradford Cathedral’s contributions to the Fairtrade cause, emphasizing how collective action can make a significant impact.

She praised the Cathedral’s efforts in raising awareness and supporting farmers and workers in low-income countries.

Rev Canon Ned Lunn, Canon for Intercultural Mission and the Arts, highlighted the Cathedral’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by workers in other parts of the world. He emphasized the importance of intercultural mission, service, and learning in guiding the Cathedral’s actions.

He also expressed gratitude for the recognition from the Fairtrade Foundation and paid tribute to those who have supported the Cathedral’s work over the years.

A Holistic Mission

The Cathedral’s support for Fairtrade aligns with its broader mission to protect creation and promote environmental sustainability. In 2012, it became the first Cathedral in England to install solar panels. Its environmental efforts include extensive tree planting and organizing eco-focused events such as Bee Creative, Eco Film Club, and Climate Symposium.

Bradford Cathedral remains committed to advocating for Fairtrade and supporting initiatives that uplift those in need. To learn more about their activities, visit their website at

See full press release here.

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