New Food Festival Set to Energise Castleford’s Carlton Street

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The heart of Castleford is undergoing a revitalising transformation, with the latest addition being a continental food festival poised to become a staple event for food enthusiasts. This new initiative will not only bring a variety of independent food retailers to the town but also spotlight the vibrant local businesses already thriving in Castleford.

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A Culinary Celebration

From June 12 to 15, Castleford’s Carlton Street will host an artisan market featuring 25 independent food retailers. This festival promises to be a feast for the senses, showcasing an array of delicious offerings and unique culinary experiences. The event is scheduled to return twice more throughout the year, indicating a commitment to establishing a regular food market tradition in the town.

A Boost for Local Economy

Councillor Michael Graham, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth, expressed his enthusiasm for the festival, highlighting its potential to enhance Castleford’s appeal to both residents and visitors. Graham emphasized that the festival is a novel addition to Castleford’s cultural landscape, enhancing the existing local businesses while introducing new opportunities.

Building on Success

The food festival follows the successful refresh of Castleford Indoor Market, reinforcing the town’s position as a vibrant marketplace. By setting up stalls over four days, the festival aims to attract food lovers and create a bustling atmosphere in the town center.

Regeneration Efforts

The introduction of the food festival is part of broader regeneration efforts in Castleford. The departure of the Co-op from the town center in July allowed the Council to acquire the building on Carlton Street. This acquisition is pivotal to the Council’s plans to enlarge Henry Moore Square, creating a dynamic space for family-friendly activities and pop-up events.

Addressing Challenges

Councillor Graham acknowledged the challenges of retaining large companies in town centers, noting that such decisions often lie beyond local control and are influenced by national commercial strategies. However, the Council remains committed to reversing this trend by attracting new businesses and fostering a vibrant town center.

Future Developments

The summer will see the Council commence survey work on the Carlton Street building, marking the beginning of an extensive demolition process. Once a contractor is secured, demolition is slated to begin next year. This project is a crucial step in the long-term vision of revitalizing Castleford, with each initiative contributing to the town’s transformation.

Final Points

Castleford’s new continental food festival marks an exciting chapter in the town’s ongoing regeneration. By bringing together independent food retailers and showcasing local businesses, the festival is set to become a cornerstone of Castleford’s cultural and economic rejuvenation. With continued efforts to enhance the town center, Castleford is on a path to becoming a more vibrant and attractive destination for both residents and visitors.

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