Castleford Roman Festival Coming June 1st – 2024

in Castleford

Step into the world of ancient Rome with the upcoming Castleford Roman Festival, a spectacular event celebrating the rich Roman heritage of Castleford. This free family fun day is a highlight of “Our Year Wakefield District 2024,” featuring a series of vibrant events throughout the year dedicated to showcasing the creative spirit of the district.

Whether you’re a history buff, a crafts enthusiast, or just looking for a unique day out with the family, this festival promises an unforgettable journey back in time.

Engaging Activities and Demonstrations

Join us at the heart of Castleford where history comes alive with a plethora of activities designed for all ages. Check out the fascinating guided tour led by experts who bring the stories of ancient Lagentium—Castleford’s Roman name—to life. Dig deeper into history at the Archaeology Dig, or enjoy the whimsical performances by the Rhubarb Theatre Horses, adding a touch of comedy to the historic ambiance.

Artisan Crafts and Ancient Skills

Wander through the bustling encampment stalls and watch artisans demonstrate ancient crafts. Witness a carpenter’s skill in Roman woodworking techniques or marvel at the delicate art of willow and straw weaving.

Feel the heat of the forge as a blacksmith turns iron into Roman tools and weapons, providing a live demonstration of this age-old craft.

Interactive Roman Experiences

The festival is packed with interactive opportunities. Try your hand at traditional Roman games, strike your own commemorative coin, or engage in purse making and laurel wreath crafting at the craft workshop.

Collaborate on a life-sized mosaic of a Roman soldier, bringing a piece of ancient art to life with your own hands.

Educational Encounters at Castleford Museum

Visit Castleford Museum to immerse yourself in Roman daily life. Learn about Roman hairstyles, metalworking, and even make your own Roman-style jewelry. Educational demonstrations provide insights into Roman makeup and medicine, enriching your knowledge of ancient health and beauty practices.

Creative Workshops and More

The creativity continues with activities like card-making workshops at Forever After Collective, where you can create Roman soldier helmets or build a model soldier. At Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre and Queen’s Mill, enjoy additional family-friendly offerings such as free face painting and an inside look at traditional stone flour milling—a process once common in Roman times.

Spin a Yarn with Roman Techniques

Don’t miss the spinning demonstrations at Sew Susie Bloom’s shop, where you can see how Roman women spun raw fleece into yarn using drop spindles and weaving wheels. It’s a perfect way to connect with the textile traditions of the past.

Culinary Delights and Local Exploration

Enhance your festival experience with the Castleford Roman Festival Food and Drink Trail. Local venues throughout the town center will serve Roman-inspired delicacies, offering a taste of ancient cuisine with a modern twist. After savoring the festival, explore Castleford’s markets, nature walks, and adventure spots like Diggerland and Xscape, making your visit a comprehensive cultural and recreational outing.

Final Points

Castleford Roman Festival is not just an event; it’s a full-scale immersion into the life and times of ancient Rome, brought to life in the heart of Wakefield district. With an array of activities, demonstrations, and educational opportunities, it’s a perfect way to explore history, enjoy creative crafts, and even indulge in themed culinary treats.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this festival is a must-attend event that promises to transport you back to the days of Roman Britain.

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