Crossed Wires 2024: A Spectacular Debut Podcast Festival in Sheffield

in Sheffield

Sheffield buzzed with excitement as the inaugural Crossed Wires Podcast Festival wrapped up a thrilling weekend of live performances and engaging discussions.

From May 31st to June 2nd, 2024, this brand-new festival showcased some of the most influential and emerging voices in podcasting, transforming the city into a vibrant hub for audio storytelling enthusiasts.

Crossed Wired Festiva

A Weekend to Remember

The festival, held across various iconic venues in Sheffield, drew large crowds of podcast fans and creators. Attendees enjoyed a dynamic lineup featuring live shows and special appearances from top podcasters and celebrities. Highlights included performances from SELF ESTEEM, Greg James and Alice Levine, and Brown Girls Do It Too, among others.

Adam Buxton with SELF ESTEEM

One of the standout moments was Adam Buxton’s conversation with musician SELF ESTEEM. The two discussed her upcoming album, her aspiration to collaborate with Richard Hawley, and her desire to emulate Chris Martin’s career.

The audience was delighted as they performed famous podcast jingles together, creating a joyful singalong. SELF ESTEEM concluded the session with a powerful performance of her single “I Do This All the Time.”

Katie Price’s Dynamic Show

Katie Price took the stage with her sister and co-host, Sophie, for an energetic and candid recording of The Katie Price Show. The performance featured live renditions of three songs, including her 2017 track “I Got U.” Katie also opened up about her forthcoming book, detailing the challenges of writing about the past six years of her life, including her time at The Priory.

Wolf and Owl Live

Tom Davis and Romesh Ranganathan created a cozy, living-room vibe during their Wolf and Owl Live session. The duo’s unfiltered chat included Ranganathan’s humorous admission of being “disappointing in person” and live audience advice sessions. Their relaxed and relatable banter was a hit with attendees.

Katherine Ryan’s Wit

Katherine Ryan brought her signature humor to the City Hall with a live recording of her podcast, Telling Everybody Everything. Her sharp wit and engaging storytelling kept the audience entertained and left them wanting more.

John Robins and Elis James

John Robins and Elis James received a warm welcome as they delivered a hilarious live version of their podcast. The duo joked about the freedom of performing in Sheffield and shared never-before-heard clips from their listeners, creating a memorable and laughter-filled experience.

TalkArt with Russell Tovey and Robert Diament

TalkArt’s live session featured actor Russell Tovey and Robert Diament in an insightful discussion with artist Corbin Shaw. The conversation explored themes of masculinity, with Tovey sharing a personal anecdote about pretending his voice had broken earlier than it had to fit in with societal expectations.

Uncanny: I Know What I Saw

Danny Robins captivated one of his largest live audiences with Uncanny: I Know What I Saw at the Lyceum Theatre. Known for its haunted history, the venue added an extra layer of eeriness to Robins’ chilling storytelling, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Brown Girls Do It Too

Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani brought their groundbreaking podcast, Brown Girls Do It Too, to life at the newly renovated Bethel Chapel. Their performance, filled with skits tackling taboo topics with humor and honesty, earned a standing ovation from the audience.

Founders and Support

Crossed Wires was founded by prominent figures in British podcasting and live events: Alice Levine, co-host of My Dad Wrote A Porno and British Scandal; Dino Sofos, founder of Persephonica (producer of Dua Lipa’s At Your Service and Political Currency); and James O’Hara, co-founder of Tramlines and Day Fever. The festival was supported by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and Sheffield City Council, highlighting Sheffield’s emerging status as a podcasting hub.

Setting a New Benchmark

Crossed Wires 2024 set a new standard for podcast festivals by blending star power with grassroots creativity. With a promise to return next year with even more surprises and groundbreaking content, the festival has firmly established itself as a major event in the podcasting world.

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