Crossed Wires: Football Heaven – Free Ticketed Event – 31st May, Sheffield City Hall

in Sheffield

Sheffield, known for its vibrant culture and rich history in arts and entertainment, is set to host an unprecedented celebration of podcasting with the upcoming Crossed Wires festival. Slated for the weekend of May 31st to June 2nd, 2024, this event promises to be a landmark in the world of digital storytelling, featuring a lineup of podcasting’s elite, alongside exciting new voices.

A Star-Studded Lineup at Iconic Venues

Crossed Wires is not just another festival; it’s a curated experience across Sheffield’s iconic venues, including the historic Sheffield City Hall. Audiences can look forward to live shows, special performances, and interactive sessions with some of the biggest names in podcasting.

Celebrating Football and Community

One of the standout events, “Football Heaven,” will take place in the Oval Hall. Hosted by Steve Bracknall, the assistant manager of Royal Oak FC, this session will dive deep into the heart and soul of football in South Yorkshire.

Fans are encouraged to come with their praises and grumbles, ready to discuss the highs and lows of the sport in a lively community atmosphere.

Podcast Royalty and Musical Fusion

Other highlights include “The Adam Buxton Show,” where podcast royalty Adam Buxton will team up with the award-winning musician Self Esteem for an afternoon of candid conversation and live music.

This unique session exemplifies the festival’s blend of different media and entertainment forms, creating a multifaceted experience for attendees.

From Comedy to Hard-Hitting Conversations

Katherine Ryan will bring her sharp wit to Sheffield City Hall, promising a night of unfiltered comedy and insight, while Jon Ronson offers a peek behind his journalistic adventures in a special session designed to thrill and engage.

Meanwhile, the groundbreaking podcast “Brown Girls Do It Too” with hosts Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani will discuss taboo subjects and share their vibrant perspectives on life and culture.

More Than Just a Festival

Crossed Wires aims to be more than just a festival; it is a movement to celebrate and evolve the craft of podcasting. The event is supported by key figures such as Alice Levine, Dino Sofos, and James O’Hara, whose combined expertise spans across broadcasting, event organization, and cultural innovation.

The festival also promises to feature impromptu performances and secret shows, ensuring that the weekend remains spontaneous and exciting. Beyond the headline acts, the fringe events around the city will offer intimate experiences with up-and-coming podcast stars.

A Cultural Boon for Sheffield

Crossed Wires is not only a significant addition to Sheffield’s cultural landscape but also a potential catalyst for economic and social engagement. By hosting this festival, Sheffield reinforces its reputation as a center for innovative arts and cultural events, aligning with the city’s historical ethos but also pushing forward into new, digital frontiers of entertainment.

The festival, in partnership with local authorities and cultural organizations, aims to showcase the best of what Sheffield has to offer, from its community spirit to its capability to host major international events.

Final Points

As Crossed Wires prepares to turn up the volume on podcasting, it’s clear that this festival will be a pivotal moment for both the medium and the city of Sheffield. By bringing together influential voices, passionate fans, and curious newcomers, Crossed Wires is set to be not just a festival, but a cultural phenomenon.

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