Celebrating the Revolutionary Fashion of Double Two Shirts

in Wakefield

Wakefield is currently abuzz with excitement as it hosts an exhibition that looks into the past of a groundbreaking local fashion brand, Double Two shirts. This exhibition is part of the year-long celebration, Our Year – Wakefield District 2024, showcasing the district’s rich cultural and historical offerings through spectacular events and activities.

seeing double exhibition

The Legacy of Double Two Shirts

The exhibition, titled ‘Seeing Double: The Story of Double Two Shirts,’ highlights the significant contributions of Double Two shirts to the fashion industry. Double Two, a brand known for its innovative approach, has its roots firmly planted in Wakefield.

The company was founded by Isaak Donner and Frank Myers, who escaped war-torn Europe and established the Wakefield Shirt Company in 1940. From humble beginnings, the company grew to become a pioneering force in the world of fashion.

Innovations and Milestones

Double Two shirts became renowned for their unique selling point: each shirt featured replaceable collars and cuffs, significantly extending the life of the garment. This practical innovation was just the beginning.

In 1950, Double Two achieved a groundbreaking milestone by creating the world’s first shirt made entirely from synthetic fibres, right in Wakefield. This revolutionary development is one of the exhibition’s star attractions, showcasing the brand’s forward-thinking approach to fabric and design.

A Journey Through Fashion History

The ‘Seeing Double’ exhibition takes visitors on a captivating journey through the evolution of menswear. It chronicles how Double Two stayed at the cutting edge of 20th-century fashion, adapting to changing trends with a series of shirts in vibrant colors and bold patterns.

The exhibition features a fascinating array of garments from the Double Two archive, alongside personal commentary from the company’s Chairman, Richard Donner, providing an insider’s view of the brand’s history.

Interactive and Engaging Displays

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the interactive elements that invite visitors to immerse themselves in Double Two’s legacy. Archive advertising footage reveals the changing styles and societal attitudes over the decades.

Additionally, visitors can try on vintage fashions, offering a hands-on experience of the brand’s iconic designs. This interactive approach not only makes the history come alive but also connects the audience with the timeless appeal of Double Two shirts.

Celebrating Wakefield’s Textile Heritage

The exhibition is a significant part of Wakefield’s Our Year 2024 celebrations, which aim to highlight the district’s cultural and industrial heritage. June, in particular, is dedicated to celebrating the area’s rich textile history.

Double Two’s story is a testament to Wakefield’s enduring legacy in the textile industry, weaving the brand’s history into the broader narrative of the district’s economic and cultural development.

Visit the Exhibition

‘Seeing Double: The Story of Double Two Shirts’ is open to the public at Wakefield Museum from 28 May 2024 to 24 May 2025. Visitors can explore the comprehensive displays and learn more about the pioneering brand that left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

For more information on opening hours and visitor details, visit the Experience Wakefield website.

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