Driffield Businesses Soanes Poultry and Clive Soanes Broilers Shortlisted For National Poultry Awards

in Driffield (Great Driffield)

The teams at two East Yorkshire poultry businesses are celebrating their achievements after being shortlisted in the prestigious National Egg and Poultry Awards.

These accolades recognize excellence and best practices in the sector, highlighting the dedication and hard work of the companies involved.

 L - R Ben Lee, Claire Wright, Dave Hannibal

 L – R Ben Lee, Claire Wright, Dave Hannibal

Recognition of Excellence

Middleton on the Wolds-based Soanes Poultry and Clive Soanes Broilers have made significant strides by securing nominations in three categories of the National Egg and Poultry Awards.

This event is supported by key industry organizations such as the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), the British Poultry Council (BPC), and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU).

These nominations show commitment to quality and innovation within the poultry sector.

The Awards and Categories

Soanes Poultry has been nominated for the Processor of the Year award, showcasing its exceptional processing capabilities and adherence to high standards. Clive Soanes Broilers, on the other hand, is a finalist in the Poultry Business of the Year category, reflecting its comprehensive approach to poultry farming and business management.

Additionally, Dave Hannibal, the Farm Manager at Clive Soanes Broilers, has been shortlisted for the Unit Manager of the Year award, recognizing his outstanding leadership and operational excellence.

Competing Against the Best

The competition in these categories is fierce. Soanes Poultry is up against Moy Park and Ambry for the Processor of the Year award. Clive Soanes Broilers faces stiff competition from Gressingham Foods, Noble Foods, and Skea Eggs in the Poultry Business of the Year category.

Meanwhile, Dave Hannibal will contend with Edward Hololob from Noble Foods and Adrian Marc from EC Drummond for the Unit Manager of the Year title. The winners will be announced at a grand ceremony at the Hilton Bankside Hotel on Tuesday, July 9th.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Claire Wright, the Managing Director of Clive Soanes Broilers and the Financial Director of Soanes Poultry, expressed her delight and pride at the nominations. She emphasized that being shortlisted in multiple categories against much larger businesses highlights the dedication and hard work of their teams.

“We are one of the smallest independent poultry businesses in the UK, and it’s a credit to our hard-working teams that we have been shortlisted,”

she stated.

Clive Soanes Broilers has a rich history, named after the son of the founder of Soanes Poultry. The business has been rearing chickens for Soanes Poultry since 1947.

Clive Soanes himself expanded the business significantly from the 1950s until his retirement in the 1990s. Today, Soanes Poultry sells chicken to butchers and independent retailers throughout Yorkshire, as well as to wholesalers, catering butchers, and restaurants nationwide.

Commitment to the Future

The recognition from the National Egg and Poultry Awards serves as an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication that both Soanes Poultry and Clive Soanes Broilers invest in their operations.

These nominations are not only a celebration of past achievements but also a motivation for continuous improvement and innovation in the future. The companies’ commitment to excellence ensures they remain competitive and respected players in the UK poultry industry.

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