Northern Ballet Presents Exclusive Under 30s Event for “Three Short Ballets” in Leeds

in Leeds

Northern Ballet is gearing up to captivate young audiences once again with an exclusive Under 30s event showcasing their latest production, “Three Short Ballets.” Scheduled for Tuesday, September 10, at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre in Leeds, this event promises an enchanting evening of world-class ballet for young people at an accessible price.

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Affordable Cultural Experience for the Youth

Aimed at residents of Leeds aged 18 to 30, the event offers tickets at just £10.25 per person. This affordable price includes not only a ticket to the performance but also a complimentary drink on arrival and a program, ensuring a complete and enriching cultural experience.

The initiative is part of Northern Ballet’s ongoing effort to make ballet more accessible and appealing to younger audiences, following the success of their previous Under 30s events.

An Evening of Diverse Ballet Performances

“Three Short Ballets” is a mixed bill that features three distinct pieces, offering a blend of new and innovative works alongside reinterpretations of classic themes. The evening’s lineup includes:

  • Fools by Mthuthuzeli November: This piece presents a fresh take on the classic tale of Romeo & Juliet, drawing inspiration from R.L. Peteni’s novel “Hill of Fools.” November’s interpretation promises to bring a new perspective to the timeless story, infusing it with contemporary relevance and emotional depth.
  • Four Last Songs by Rudi van Dantzig: Created by Dutch ballet pioneer Rudi van Dantzig, this piece is a lyrical and poignant ballet set to the music of Richard Strauss. Known for its emotional intensity and exquisite choreography, “Four Last Songs” is a testament to van Dantzig’s mastery in translating music into movement.
  • Untitled Piece by Kristen McNally: This world première by Principal Character Artist for The Royal Ballet, Kristen McNally, features two Northern Ballet dancers alongside Joe Powell-Main, a disabled dancer who uses wheels and crutches. McNally’s work is expected to challenge traditional ballet norms and celebrate inclusivity and diversity in dance.

Innovation and Inclusivity

The selection of these pieces reflects Northern Ballet’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional ballet and exploring new narratives and forms of expression.

By including performers like Joe Powell-Main, the company highlights its dedication to inclusivity and representation in the arts. This approach not only broadens the scope of ballet but also ensures that it resonates with a wider and more diverse audience.

Creating a Community Space

Northern Ballet’s Under 30s events are more than just performances; they are social experiences designed to foster a sense of community among young theatre-goers.

The intimate setting of the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre provides an ideal backdrop for attendees to meet new people, enjoy pre-show drinks, and immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural scene of Leeds. These events offer a unique opportunity for young people to engage with the arts in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Ensuring Accessibility and Affordability

Northern Ballet’s commitment to making ballet accessible is evident in their pricing strategy and the special offers for young audiences. By keeping ticket prices low and including additional perks such as drinks and programs, the company removes financial barriers that might otherwise prevent young people from experiencing live ballet.

This approach aligns with Northern Ballet’s broader mission to democratize the arts and make high-quality cultural experiences available to all.

Limited Tickets – Book Early!

With the popularity of Northern Ballet’s Under 30s events, tickets for “Three Short Ballets” are expected to sell out quickly. Young ballet enthusiasts and those new to the art form are encouraged to book early to secure their spot. This exclusive event is a rare opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge ballet in an intimate setting, and early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Northern Ballet website.

About Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet is renowned for its bold and innovative approach to dance. As one of the UK’s leading ballet companies, they are dedicated to creating compelling stories that resonate with audiences. Based in Leeds, the company is a champion of the North’s cultural exports, touring extensively to bring ballet to diverse audiences across the country.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Federico Bonelli, Northern Ballet continues to push the boundaries of the art form, combining traditional techniques with contemporary storytelling.

Northern Ballet’s repertoire includes a mix of full-length ballets and specially created pieces for children, performed at over thirty venues annually. The company’s commitment to accessibility and excellence in dance makes it a vital part of the UK’s cultural landscape.

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