Halifax Digital Festival To Be Hosted By Dean Clough

in Halifax

Dean Clough, a historic 22-acre site in Halifax known for its dynamic mix of business and cultural spaces, is set to host the annual Halifax Digital Festival from May 21-23, 2024. This eagerly awaited event, organized by AND Digital in collaboration with local councils and authorities, marks a significant revival after a pandemic-induced hiatus since its initial launch in 2019.

The Revival of Halifax Digital Festival

The driving force behind the festival’s relaunch is Jim Moran, Club Executive at AND Digital’s Club Sparck in Halifax. He highlights the collective challenges faced by local businesses in attracting and retaining talent, emphasizing the need for a united approach to address the digital skills gap. With neighboring cities like Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester thriving, Moran believes Halifax must assert its own identity within the digital economy.

The festival aims to foster collaboration between businesses, public sector entities, and educational institutions, promoting knowledge sharing and upskilling opportunities to fuel regional digital growth.

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Building a Digital Community

The festival is designed to bring together a diverse mix of businesses, educational institutions, and public sector organizations, all dedicated to creating a vibrant digital community. Jeremy Hall, Managing Director and Chairman at Dean Clough Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for hosting the event, noting the site’s role as a burgeoning hub for digital and media enterprises.

Hall highlighted Calderdale’s appeal as a place offering an excellent work-life balance, which attracts both individuals and businesses looking for a supportive environment for their future endeavors.

Festival Program and Highlights

The festival spans three days, each with a specific focus. The first day is dedicated to Digital Skills, culminating in a marketplace event where attendees can meet potential employers. The second day centers on Generative AI and the pivotal role of data across organizations, featuring insights from industry experts. The final day emphasizes Customer Centricity, ending with a drinks reception. The program includes panel discussions, roundtables, seminars, tutorials, and a career-focused event, providing ample opportunities for networking and skill development.

Jane Spencer, Senior Lead for Employment and Skills at Calderdale Council, highlighted the festival’s role in showcasing local talent and providing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to enhance their digital skills, thereby contributing to the area’s prosperity.

Practical Information

The festival offers free tickets to ensure accessibility for all interested in advancing their digital knowledge. Attendees will be provided with breakfast, lunch, and refreshments to keep them energized throughout the event. For more details on the program and to book tickets, visitors are encouraged to check the dedicated festival page.

About Dean Clough

Dean Clough is a significant heritage site, originally a series of mill buildings constructed between 1840 and 1870 by the Crossley family. The site, which once housed the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, was repurposed following the decline of the textile industry and has since become a thriving business hub.

Dean Clough Ltd has invested heavily in the site’s redevelopment, making it a key player in the regional economy with over 100 businesses employing more than 3,000 people.

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