Grove Lane Park Play Area Receives Fresh Upgrade

in Hemsworth

In a delightful development for families and children in Hemsworth, the Grove Lane Park play area has undergone a substantial makeover. The project, valued at £29.5k, introduces a series of new, inclusive play equipment aimed at enhancing the recreational space for the community. \

This initiative is part of a broader effort funded through the Wakefield Council’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund, reflecting a strong commitment to revitalizing local facilities for public enjoyment and community engagement.

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Enhancing Community Spaces

The recent improvements at Grove Lane Park play area were spearheaded by Wakefield Council and supported actively by local ward councillors and community members. The project focuses on enhancing the quality of life for residents, particularly for children, by providing a safer and more inclusive environment where they can play and learn.

Inclusive and Safe Play Options

The highlight of the upgrade is the new inclusive play equipment, designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all children. This includes a ‘Climb & Slide’ multi-play unit that features an extra-wide slide accommodating various ages and abilities, an original dish roundabout that provides a gentle, fun spin for its users, and inclusive flower springy that ensures safe, low-impact bouncing.

A small seesaw has also been added to the mix, promoting balance and coordination among young park-goers.

To further enhance safety, new surfacing has been laid throughout the play area. This surfacing is crafted to cushion falls and provide a more secure environment for children as they explore and play.

Additionally, existing play structures have been revitalized with new parts, climbing ropes, and fresh paint, ensuring that they are safe and appealing to children.

Community Collaboration and Future Plans

The renovation of the Grove Lane Park play area is a testament to the power of community collaboration. According to Councillor Michael Graham, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth, the project was largely influenced by feedback from local residents, who expressed a strong desire for improved and more inclusive playground facilities.

The council, along with local councillors, has pledged to continue working closely with the community to maintain these new facilities to a high standard.

This initiative not only beautifies the park but also reinforces the council’s dedication to fostering an inclusive atmosphere where all community members can feel welcome and engaged. The ongoing maintenance and potential future enhancements will ensure that the park remains a vital part of the local community infrastructure, contributing positively to the social and physical well-being of its users.

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