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When you start your journey through the picturesque valleys of West Yorkshire aboard the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (KWVR) not only offers a glimpse into the golden age of steam travel but now also presents a tantalizing array of dining options. This unique railway experience introduces a blend of culinary delights designed to cater to a variety of palates, mixing traditional favorites with innovative new dishes in a setting that exudes the charm and elegance of 1950s and 60s train travel.

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Reviving the Romance of Steam Travel with Culinary Innovation

The KWVR, a vital heritage line and beloved tourist destination, has announced its 2024 spring and summer dining train offerings, creating a buzz among railway enthusiasts and food lovers alike. This year, passengers can indulge in a culinary journey that includes three new menu options alongside two classic favorites. The railway’s commitment to enhancing its hospitality is evident in these sophisticated and carefully curated dining experiences.

Diverse Menu Offerings for Every Taste

Nick Sharp, the Railway’s Catering Manager, emphasises the diverse appeal of the new menu, which aims to attract a broad audience with varied culinary tastes. Among the new additions, the ‘Yorkshire Antipasti’ stands out, featuring local ingredients in Italian-style preparations, crafted in collaboration with Lishman’s of Ilkley, a renowned local butcher. This menu celebrates the fusion of Yorkshire produce with Mediterranean flair, offering dishes like Yorkshire Salami in an antipasti style.

For those seeking a more traditional British experience, the ‘Stokers’ Lunch’ offers a unique twist on the classic Ploughman’s Lunch. Meanwhile, the ‘Modern Afternoon Tea’ breaks away from the typical sandwich and cake combination, presenting a contemporary version that could appeal to those looking for something different yet quintessentially British.

The classics have not been forgotten, with the railway continuing to serve its popular ‘Classic Afternoon Tea’ and the ‘Haworth Haddock’, a nod to the traditional British fish and chips meal, ensuring that all visitors can find something to delight their taste buds.

Elegant Settings and Historical Ambiance

Guests have the choice of dining in two distinct styles of railcars: the sophisticated 1960s Dining Car or the opulent 1930s Pullman Car. Each setting offers a unique atmosphere that enhances the dining experience, allowing passengers to step back in time and enjoy the luxury of historical rail travel while enjoying exceptional cuisine.

The dining trains are available from May through August, providing a perfect summer outing. Prospective passengers can check availability and book their culinary rail adventure directly through the KWVR website, ensuring their seat at this mobile feast.

Final Points

The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway’s 2024 dining train initiative not only celebrates Yorkshire’s rich culinary heritage but also revitalizes the nostalgic experience of dining on a moving train. By blending traditional elements with innovative dishes and providing a variety of dining environments, KWVR continues to be a pioneer in offering unique railway experiences that attract both local and international visitors.

See full press release here.

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