Largest Collection of Cinema Projectors in the UK To Be In Dean Clough

in Halifax

Halifax, renowned as the ‘Hollywood of the North‘ and currently celebrating its Year of Culture, boasts a hidden gem beneath its surface. Located within the historic Dean Clough, once the world’s largest carpet factory, lies the largest collection of historic cinema projection equipment in the UK.

old cinema projectors

A Treasured Collection Finds a New Home

The Projected Picture Trust (PPT), the UK’s sole charitable organization dedicated to preserving cinema technology and 35mm film prints, recently relocated its extensive collection from the Elstree Screen Arts Academy to Dean Clough. This move consolidated thousands of artifacts, ranging from projectors to valves, fracture films to classic cinema adverts, into one centralized location, creating a haven for film enthusiasts.

Established in 1978 in response to the closure of traditional picture palaces, PPT’s mission is to salvage and manage a world-class assortment of cinema technology artifacts. With a team comprising industry experts and cinema aficionados, the trust aims to transform Dean Clough into an accessible hub of knowledge for film enthusiasts worldwide.

Preserving History, Building Legacy

Nigel Wolland, Chair at PPT, expressed gratitude to Dean Clough for providing the space to continue the trust’s legacy-building efforts. He envisions PPT as a global leader in cinema technology preservation, with Dean Clough serving as an ideal center of excellence for arts and media.

Jeremy Hall, Chairman and Managing Director at Dean Clough Ltd, echoed Wolland’s sentiments, emphasizing the alignment of PPT’s collection with Dean Clough’s cultural proposition as a leading arts and media destination. The collaboration underscores Dean Clough’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and lifelong learning.

Fostering Community and Creativity

Dean Clough’s commitment to cultivating a vibrant community is evident in its diverse offerings. The subterranean Viaduct Theatre, galleries, artist studios, and dedicated arts mill contribute to its dynamic atmosphere. Recent additions, such as the Art Lab and the Square Lens Alliance, further enrich the creative landscape, providing platforms for artists and filmmakers to collaborate and innovate.

The venue’s significance extends beyond cultural enrichment, as it hosts renowned theatre productions and film festivals, including the British Urban Film Festival. Additionally, Dean Clough has served as a filming location for acclaimed TV and film productions, solidifying its reputation as a cultural hub.

A Heritage of Innovation and Regeneration

Dean Clough’s heritage dates back to the 19th century when it was constructed by the Crossley family, founders of Crossley Carpets. Following the decline of the textile industry, the site underwent redevelopment, spearheaded by Dean Clough Limited. Over four decades, the company has invested significantly in revitalizing the complex, transforming it into a thriving hub for businesses and cultural activities.

Final Points

Dean Clough’s collaboration with the Projected Picture Trust heralds a new chapter in the preservation of cinema history. As the largest collection of cinema projectors in the UK finds its home within Dean Clough’s historic walls, the venue cements its position as a beacon of culture and creativity in Halifax and beyond.

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