Matt Hampson Foundation Partners With Go Racing In Yorkshire

The Go Racing In Yorkshire Summer Festival is excited to announce its partnership with the Matt Hampson Foundation as its official charity partner for the event, which is sponsored by Sky Bet. The festival, taking place from July 19 to July 27, will not only feature thrilling horse races but also aim to raise awareness and funds for the foundation’s invaluable work.

The Matt Hampson Foundation, based in Leicestershire, is dedicated to supporting and inspiring young people who have suffered serious sports-related injuries. The foundation provides comprehensive rehabilitation services, including expert physiotherapy, specialized personal training, wellbeing support, and mentoring. Their mission is to help individuals with life-changing injuries rediscover their passion for life.

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The Foundation’s Impact on Rehabilitation

Graham Lee, a prominent figure in the racing community, has been a beneficiary of the foundation’s services. Charlotte Russell, General Manager of Go Racing In Yorkshire, explained the choice of charity:

“We wanted this year’s charitable element of the Summer Festival to support Graham Lee. After speaking with Graham and his family, they suggested the Matt Hampson Foundation as Graham has been spending time there as part of his rehabilitation program.”

Becky Lee, Graham’s wife, emphasized the profound impact of the foundation’s services:

“Graham visits the Matt Hampson Foundation for a two-week block once a month. The physio he is receiving is incredible; they get everything out of him, the whole team is very special.”

A Long-term Commitment

The foundation’s commitment to Graham’s recovery has been unwavering, and this partnership with Go Racing In Yorkshire is a testament to their dedication. Matt Hampson, the founder, expressed his gratitude:

“It’s been a pleasure to be able to offer support to Graham and his family, and the progress he’s making in his recovery is fantastic to witness. We’re thrilled to have been chosen as the official charity partner this Summer as support like this is essential to the running of the Foundation and enables us to help more and more people who are recovering from life-changing injuries.”

Engaging the Community

The partnership extends beyond financial support; it aims to involve the community actively. Staff and beneficiaries of the foundation are expected to attend some of the race meetings.

Additionally, local volunteers are encouraged to participate by conducting exit collections at the race meetings. Those interested can contact Samantha Brown at

Event Schedule

The Summer Festival schedule is as follows:

About the Matt Hampson Foundation

Founded by ex-England and Leicester Tigers rugby player Matt Hampson, who suffered a life-changing injury in 2005 that left him paralyzed from the neck down, the foundation has been a beacon of hope for many. The Get Busy Living Centre, opened in 2018, is a hub where beneficiaries receive holistic support tailored to their needs.

The Get Busy Living Centre

The centre offers a unique environment where individuals can draw on the experiences of others who have undergone similar journeys. This community spirit helps beneficiaries focus on their capabilities rather than their limitations, fostering a sense of purpose and identity. Over time, those who have benefited from the foundation often become mentors themselves, aiding others in their rehabilitation journey.

Supporting Life Beyond Injury

The Matt Hampson Foundation’s work goes beyond physical rehabilitation. It aims to integrate beneficiaries back into society, whether through sports or other adapted activities, helping them navigate their new lives. For more information, you can contact Gary Sherrard, Comms & PR, at or 01664 454155.

Final Points

The partnership between Go Racing In Yorkshire and the Matt Hampson Foundation underscores the power of community and support in overcoming life’s greatest challenges. As the Summer Festival approaches, it promises not only exhilarating racing but also an opportunity to contribute to a cause that makes a significant difference in the lives of many.

Full press release here.

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