Rob Northfield’s Stair Master Challenge: A Heartfelt Fundraiser for Henshaws

This June, Rob Northfield, a dedicated supporter of the Yorkshire charity Henshaws, is set to undertake a remarkable challenge.

As he approaches his 71st birthday, Rob will be climbing on a stair master for three hours, aiming to raise an impressive £7,100. His unwavering commitment has already garnered over £6,000, underscoring the incredible power of community support and solidarity.

An Inclusive Fundraising Month for Henshaws

Throughout June, Henshaws is encouraging supporters to engage in fundraising activities that resonate with their personal passions and talents. The goal is simple yet powerful: to raise £100 in any creative way possible.

This inclusive initiative invites participation from everyone, regardless of ability, and emphasizes the collective impact of individual efforts. Ideas range from community bake sales and neighbourhood concerts to marathon treadmill sessions and artistic projects. Each contribution, no matter the size, has the potential to make a significant difference.

Rory Hoy: DJ Ambassador for Henshaws

Adding to the momentum, beloved DJ Rory Hoy, a proud ambassador for Henshaws, has created a marathon DJ mix featuring 100 tracks available for download. Rory, renowned for his award-winning tracks and collaborations with Fatboy Slim, is also a passionate advocate for autism awareness and understanding, being on the spectrum himself.

His involvement highlights the diverse ways in which individuals can contribute to the cause, blending his professional expertise with his advocacy work.

Community Efforts Making a Difference

The fundraising activities this month are not just about raising money; they are about bringing the community together and celebrating the unique contributions of each individual.

Whether it’s through physical challenges, musical performances, or creative endeavors, the collective effort aims to support Henshaws’ mission of empowering people living with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

How You Can Get Involved

If you’re inspired by Rob Northfield’s stair master challenge or Rory Hoy’s marathon DJ mix, consider how you can join the effort. Henshaws offers numerous ways to get involved, and every bit helps. Whether you’re hosting an event, participating in a challenge, or simply spreading the word, your support is invaluable.

The Impact of Your Support

Funds raised through these initiatives go directly towards Henshaws’ programs and services, which provide critical support and resources for individuals with disabilities.

This includes everything from educational programs and workshops to social activities and one-on-one support. Your contributions help ensure that these vital services can continue to make a positive impact in the community.

Final Points

Rob Northfield’s upcoming stair master challenge and the various fundraising activities throughout June exemplify the spirit of community and the power of collective action.

As supporters come together to raise funds and awareness for Henshaws, they are not only contributing to a worthy cause but also fostering a sense of unity and purpose. Let’s celebrate these efforts and look forward to the positive change they will bring.

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