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The latest display at the South Elmsall Library Museum Hub highlights the innovation and impact of Production Park, a live events campus in South Kirkby, celebrating over 25 years of groundbreaking work in the industry. This exhibit is part of Wakefield District’s 2024 “Our Year” program, which showcases the region’s rich cultural heritage through a variety of spectacular events and community activities.

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A Milestone Celebration of Production Park

The exhibit, titled “Production Park: Where Live Industry Lives,” pays homage to the remarkable achievements of Production Park over the past quarter-century. Visitors will be introduced to the pioneering developments and the array of high-profile clients that Production Park has collaborated with, ranging from music superstars like Katy Perry to renowned actor Hugh Jackman.

Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, and Sport, Cllr Michelle Collins, expressed her pride in Production Park’s contributions to the local area. She emphasized the importance of celebrating this local success story and preserving its legacy for future generations. Cllr Collins highlighted the display as an opportunity for the community to learn about the dynamic careers available in the live events industry right in their own backyard.

Showcasing Talent and Innovation

Lee Brooks, CEO and Founder of Production Park, reflected on the park’s journey and the incredible talent that has driven its success. He particularly noted the significance of the new film, “Big Ambitions: Women @ Production Park,” which showcases the talented women who are making significant strides in this historically male-dominated field. The film, created by Nick Singleton, highlights the inspiring contributions of these women and their pivotal roles in the industry.

Production Park is renowned for its cutting-edge contributions to the live events sector, encompassing everything from elaborate stage shows and stadium tours to innovative virtual reality and eSports events. The South Kirkby campus is a creative hub where live events are meticulously designed, manufactured, and broadcasted globally.

Star Objects and Intriguing Displays

The new museum display features an array of fascinating objects generously lent by companies based at Production Park. Among the standout items is a 3D printed model cat, created using the latest technology at Production Park’s XPLOR facility. This model is a scale reproduction of the scenery crafted for Katy Perry’s 2014 BRIT Awards performance.

Additionally, visitors can marvel at a golden model of Sam Smith’s Gloria, produced by TAIT Wakefield as a stunning 65-foot-long figure for Smith’s 2023 tour. This scale model was a gift of gratitude to the contributors of the tour and is displayed alongside a personalized box of Yorkshire Tea, commemorating Hugh Jackman’s five-week stay at Production Park in 2019.

Capturing the Spirit of Production Park

An exclusive short film, “Big Ambitions: Women @ Production Park,” accompanies the display, providing a closer look at the inspiring women who work and study at the campus. Their stories and achievements are not only featured in the film but also preserved through interviews and photographs added to the permanent collection.

The “Production Park: Where Live Industry Lives” display is now open and will run until April 2026. Visitors can find more information about the exhibit, including opening hours and visitor details, on the Experience Wakefield website and through the South Elmsall Library – Wakefield Council’s online resources.

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