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When you consider wealth in the region, Yorkshire & Humber paints a varied picture of success and decline, as underscored by The Sunday Times Rich List for the year 2024. This year’s edition, available both online and in print, offers insights into the ever-evolving state of wealth in the region.

Wren Kitchens

Malcolm Healey and Family: Dominating the Kitchen Kingdom

At the helm of the wealthiest in Yorkshire & Humber sits Malcolm Healey and his family, renowned for their ownership of Wren Kitchens. Despite a staggering loss of £99 million this year, attributed to various factors, their collective wealth still stands tall at £1.501 billion.

Wren Kitchens, their brainchild, continues to assert its dominance in the sector of culinary spaces, marking the Healey family’s indelible mark in the region’s economic landscape.

Malcolm Healey lives at the impressive Warter Priory Estate, at Warter, near Pocklington, in East Yorkshire.

Robert Miller and Princess Marie-Chantal: A Legacy in Retail, Fashion, and Finance

The Duty Free Shoppers Group, a cornerstone in the retail, fashion, and finance sectors, has long been associated with the illustrious Robert Miller and Princess Marie-Chantal.

However, this year marked a downturn in their fortunes, with a notable decrease of £154 million, bringing their total wealth to £1.429 billion. Despite this setback, their influence remains palpable, echoing across various industries within and beyond the region.

Robert Miller maintains the delightful Gunnerside Lodge, near Gunnerside in beautiful Swaledale.

Lord Kirkham and Family: Crafting Wealth from Furniture and Investments

Lord Kirkham and his family have etched their names among the wealthiest in Yorkshire through their endeavors in furniture and investments, notably with DFS. With a collective wealth of £1.14 billion, they maintain their position without significant changes this year.

Kirkham’s journey from humble beginnings, overcoming educational obstacles, serves as a statement to the power of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit in shaping fortunes.

Lord Kirkham owns two properties in South Yorkshire, one near Sprotbrough, and the other Cantley Hall near Doncaster.

The Shepherd Family: Modular Buildings and a Surge in Wealth

Making significant strides in the sector of modular buildings, the Shepherd family, proprietors of Portakabin, witnessed a remarkable upswing in their wealth. With a surge of £411 million, their total fortune now stands at £1.104 billion, solidifying their position among the affluent in Yorkshire & Humber.

Their story underscores the potential for innovation and adaptation to propel families towards prosperity.

Andrea Shelley, William Morrison, and Eleanor Kernighan: Sustaining the Supermarket Legacy

The heirs to the Morrison supermarket empire, Andrea Shelley, William Morrison, and Eleanor Kernighan, retain their stature as one of the top five wealthiest families in Yorkshire.

With a combined wealth of £933 million, their resilience amidst market fluctuations speaks volumes about the enduring legacy of their family’s enterprise. Their unwavering presence underscores the significance of traditional sectors in shaping regional wealth dynamics.

Andrea Shelley, eldest child of Sir Ken Morrison, lives at Thimbleby Hall in the North York Moors.

RankNameSource of Wealth2024 WealthRise/Fall
1Malcolm Healey and familyKitchens and property: Wren Kitchens£1.501bnDown £99m
2Robert Miller and Princess Marie-Chantal and familyRetail, fashion and finance: Duty Free Shoppers Group£1.429bnDown £154m
3Lord Kirkham and familyFurniture and investments: DFS£1.14bnNo change
4The Shepherd familyModular buildings: Portakabin£1.104bnUp £411m
5Andrea Shelley, William Morrison and Eleanor Kernighan and familySupermarkets: Morrisons£933mNo change

Reflecting on the Wealth Landscape

The 2024 Sunday Times Rich List not only unveils the monetary fortunes of individuals and families but also provides a nuanced reflection of economic trends and shifts within Yorkshire & Humber. While some experienced setbacks, others showcased resilience and adaptability, navigating through turbulent times. As Britain’s billionaire boom seemingly reaches a plateau, questions arise about the future trajectory of wealth creation and its implications for the broader economy.

The diversity of industries represented among the wealthiest highlights the multifaceted nature of wealth accumulation, with entrepreneurs carving niches in sectors ranging from retail to education. As the region continues to evolve, driven by innovation and enterprise, the rich tapestry of Yorkshire & Humber’s wealth landscape remains a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

For the full list of the 350 richest individuals in the UK and more insights into wealth dynamics, readers are encouraged to visit The Sunday Times Rich List online at The Sunday Times Rich List.

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