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Ensuring the safety of our pets while traveling is more important than ever. Each year, approximately 240,000 animals are injured in car accidents, highlighting the need for reliable pet protection systems.

Enter Tavo, a pioneering brand that is redefining pet travel with its premium pet protection system. This new system, which has garnered support from renowned veterinary professionals and safety experts, is now available at Halfords.

The Tavo Maeve™ Pet Protection System

The Tavo Maeve™ Pet Protection System is the first of its kind, offering a luxury carrier that meets the latest United Nations ECE child restraint standards. This system includes a carrier that secures into the car with a True Lock™ isofix installation system, ensuring a quick and secure fit that minimizes movement and prevents rotation.

This not only protects the pet but also ensures the safety of other passengers in the event of a crash.

Tavo pet protection system

Expert Endorsement

Dr. Julian Norton, a celebrated veterinary surgeon known for his role on “The Yorkshire Vet,” in Thirsk, emphasizes the importance of pet safety during travel. He recently treated two dogs involved in a high-speed car accident, underscoring the vulnerability of pets in such situations. Dr. Norton praises the Tavo system for its robust safety features, noting that it is the safest system he has encountered for transporting pets. The fact that it meets human safety standards and utilizes isofix safety points provides peace of mind for pet owners.

Engineering and Design Excellence

Developed by Nuna, a leading brand in premium baby gear, the Tavo Maeve™ system benefits from decades of engineering and safety expertise. Its innovative design has earned an international Red Dot Design award, a testament to its quality and functionality.

Compliance and Legal Benefits

Beyond safety, the Tavo Maeve™ system helps pet owners comply with legal requirements. The Highway Code mandates the proper restraint of animals in vehicles, and failure to do so can result in fines, penalty points, or invalidation of insurance in the event of an accident. The Tavo system ensures that pets are securely restrained, thereby helping owners avoid these legal pitfalls.

Insights from RoSPA

Becky Guy, Road Safety Manager at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), highlights the importance of restraining pets in vehicles. Unrestrained pets pose significant risks, as they can be thrown forward with tremendous force in a collision, potentially injuring themselves and other passengers.

Proper restraint also reduces driver distraction, a major factor in many road accidents. Innovations like the Tavo Maeve™ system are thus critical in enhancing road safety for both pets and their owners.

Premium Features and Availability

The Tavo Maeve™ 3-in-1 Pet Protection System is designed with premium materials and timeless aesthetics. It includes a luxury carrier, vehicle base, and an optional Roscoe™ stroller frame for versatile travel needs. This system is now available at Halfords stores across the UK, both in-store and online. David Howells, a buyer at Halfords, expresses excitement about offering this innovative pet travel solution, inviting pet owners to explore the product and learn about its installation.

Product Range and Pricing

The Tavo Maeve™ system is available in various configurations and price points:

  • Maeve Pet Protection System S Flex Handle: For pets up to 9 kg, priced at £775 for the 3-in-1 system or £500 for the carrier and base.
  • Maeve Pet Protection System M Rigid Handle: For pets up to 13.6 kg, priced at £875 for the 3-in-1 system or £600 for the carrier and base.
  • Maeve Base: Compatible with all sizes of Maeve carrier, priced at £175.
  • Roscoe Stroller: Compatible with all sizes of Maeve carrier, priced at £275.

Endorsements and Vision

Helen Johnson, Marketing Director at Tavo, underscores the comprehensive protection offered by the Tavo Maeve™ system. It safeguards pets, reduces distractions for the driver, and keeps the car clean and fur-free. Austin Hodges, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Nuna Baby and Tavo, reiterates the commitment to extending Nuna’s child safety expertise to pets, ensuring the highest standards of safety and comfort.

Advanced Pet Safety

The Tavo Maeve™ Pet Protection System represents a significant advancement in pet travel safety. With its robust design, legal compliance, and expert endorsements, it offers pet owners peace of mind while ensuring the utmost comfort and protection for their pets. For more information, visit Halfords online or in-store.

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