WalkSafe App Launched in Wakefield: Enhancing Safety and Reassurance

in Wakefield

Wakefield, renowned as the safest city in West Yorkshire, has taken another significant step to ensure the safety and peace of mind of its residents and visitors.

In a collaborative effort, Wakefield Council and Wakefield BID have launched the WalkSafe app, providing a comprehensive suite of safety features and information designed to enhance personal security. The official launch is scheduled for June 7th, marking a new era of safety for the city.

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Introducing WalkSafe

The WalkSafe app, available for free, aims to bolster safety for everyone in Wakefield—residents, workers, and visitors alike. Whether you’re shopping, meeting friends, commuting, or enjoying a night out, the app offers various features to ensure you feel secure.

From June 7th, the app will highlight local support services on its Safety Map within a 4km radius of Wakefield city centre, making it easier for users to find safe spaces or locations to charge their phones.

Key Features of the WalkSafe App

The WalkSafe app is packed with features to enhance user safety:

  • WalkSafe: Share your destination, route, and estimated arrival time with trusted friends to ensure someone knows your whereabouts.
  • HomeSafe: Alerts your trusted friends if you do not arrive at your destination on time, providing an extra layer of security.
  • Safety Map: Highlights safe spaces and support services. In Wakefield, this includes venues participating in Ask for Angela, Licensing SAVI, Safe Spaces, and Safe Zones initiatives.
  • SOS Button: Hold down the button to immediately alert trusted friends that you are in danger.
  • Anonymous Reporting: Users can report issues or concerns anonymously, contributing to a safer community.

Collaborative Efforts for a Safer Community

The introduction of WalkSafe in Wakefield is the result of a partnership between Wakefield Council, Wakefield BID, and the Safer Together Partnership Wakefield and District. This collaboration underscores the city’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing public safety.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Poverty, and Health, praised the app’s potential, stating,

“Even though Wakefield is the safest city in West Yorkshire, the app offers a lot of different features and information to give people that extra reassurance when enjoying everything Wakefield has to offer. This is a great way to help people have the best possible experience in our city centre.”

Emma Kay, the founder of WalkSafe, expressed her excitement about the partnership, noting the app’s role in promoting safer experiences, especially for women.

“We know 63% of women prefer to visit pubs, bars, and restaurants that have safety initiatives in place. Our national safety map allows users to see exactly where these venues are and plan safer experiences out. We’re delighted to be making the world a safer place together with Wakefield Council.”

Thomas Wales, CEO of Wakefield BID, highlighted the economic benefits of enhanced safety, “Ensuring a safer Wakefield directly boosts our local economy by attracting more visitors to our local businesses, supporting a vibrant commercial environment.

This not only increases customer foot traffic and revenue but also makes Wakefield an attractive destination for new investments and developments, ultimately leading to sustained economic growth for our entire community.”

Safety Initiatives and Community Support

The WalkSafe app’s integration into Wakefield’s safety infrastructure is part of a broader strategy funded partially by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. This initiative underscores the importance of community safety as a foundation for economic and social well-being.

For those seeking more information about local support services, the WalkSafe Wakefield page on the Wakefield Council website provides comprehensive resources and updates.

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