Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust Receives Royal Endorsement from King Charles III

in Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) has proudly announced that it will continue to enjoy the esteemed patronage of King Charles III.

This recognition follows a comprehensive review by the Royal Household, which evaluated over 1,000 charities previously supported by the late Queen Elizabeth II, the former Prince of Wales, and the former Duchess of Cornwall.

King Charles

A Legacy of Royal Patronage

In 1996, the former Prince of Wales first extended his patronage to YDMT when the charity was newly founded. Over the past 28 years, YDMT has undertaken numerous impactful initiatives to preserve and enhance the Yorkshire Dales’ natural beauty and biodiversity.

These efforts include planting over 1.6 million native trees, engaging thousands of individuals in environmental stewardship, and ensuring the preservation of more than 800 hectares of wildflower hay meadows—a cause close to King Charles III’s heart.

Continued Royal Support

David Sharrod, CEO of YDMT, expressed the collective joy and pride of the organization upon receiving confirmation of the continued royal patronage.

“Our Chair, Board, staff, and volunteers were all overjoyed, proud, and humbled to receive confirmation that we have retained the patronage of His Majesty, The King,”

Sharrod said. He highlighted the significant motivational boost this endorsement provides, reinforcing the charity’s commitment to its vital work.

“As a small charity supporting the Yorkshire Dales, His Majesty’s royal seal of approval is particularly special as it highlights the national importance of our work,”

he added.

Recent Achievements and Ongoing Projects

In the past year alone, YDMT has made remarkable strides in conservation and community support. Key accomplishments include:

  • Restoring 55 hectares of wildflower meadows.
  • Planting over 60,000 native broadleaf woodland and hedgerow trees.
  • Conducting hundreds of conservation and wellbeing sessions.
  • Distributing hundreds of thousands of pounds in community grants.

The Impact of YDMT

The YDMT’s recent annual Impact Report provides detailed insights into the organization’s ongoing projects and achievements. These initiatives span various areas, such as:

  • Countryside Apprenticeships: Providing training and employment opportunities for young people in rural areas.
  • Supporting Local Communities: Enhancing the resilience and sustainability of local communities through grants and projects.
  • Education and Outreach: Promoting environmental education and awareness among the public.
  • Restoring Woodlands and Wildlife Habitats: Protecting and revitalizing natural landscapes and ecosystems.
  • Improving Access and Understanding: Making the Yorkshire Dales more accessible and fostering a deeper appreciation of its unique environment.

Looking Ahead

With the continued support of King Charles III, YDMT is poised to further its mission of supporting the people, landscape, and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales. The royal patronage not only acknowledges the charity’s past achievements but also inspires renewed dedication to its future endeavors.

For more information about YDMT’s work and how to get involved, visit their website at www.ydmt.org.

Contact Information

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About Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is a small charity with a big impact, dedicated to supporting the people, landscape, and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales. Since its inception, the charity has spearheaded numerous projects aimed at conservation, community support, education, and habitat restoration. Through these efforts, YDMT strives to preserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this special region for future generations.

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