Nestled in the heart of East Yorkshire, Nunburnholme is a charming village that offers a unique blend of tranquility and history. This picturesque destination is a hidden gem, boasting of beautiful landscapes, traditional English cottages, and a rich heritage that dates back to the Roman era. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Nunburnholme promises an unforgettable experience. Its serene environment and captivating sights make it an ideal spot for tourists seeking a less trodden path in their English countryside exploration.

Fact Pack – Nunburnholme

  1. Nunburnholme is a village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.
  2. It is situated approximately 3 miles west of the market town of Pocklington.
  3. The village is located on the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail, a long distance footpath.
  4. Nunburnholme was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086, indicating its long history.
  5. The parish church of St. James was designated a Grade II* listed building in 1967.
  6. The village is part of the parliamentary constituency of East Yorkshire.
  7. Nunburnholme has a population of less than 500 people, making it a small and close-knit community.
  8. The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside, offering plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling.
  9. Historically, Nunburnholme was part of the Wapentake of Harthill, a division of the historic county of Yorkshire.
  10. The name ‘Nunburnholme’ is believed to mean ‘stream by the nuns’ home’, reflecting the village’s historical connection to a nunnery that once existed in the area.

Nunburnholme on the map

FAQs about Nunburnholme, East Yorkshire

Where is Nunburnholme located?

Nunburnholme is a small village located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

What are some notable attractions in Nunburnholme, East Yorkshire?

Nunburnholme is known for its beautiful countryside views, historic church of St. James, and close proximity to the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail.

How can I reach Nunburnholme, East Yorkshire?

Nunburnholme is accessible by road, with the nearest major city being York. It’s also reachable by train, with the nearest station being in Pocklington.

Where Next?

After exploring the charming village of Nunburnholme in East Yorkshire, there are several nearby places worth visiting. The historic city of York, with its stunning Minster, ancient city walls, and the fascinating Jorvik Viking Centre, is just a short drive away. For nature lovers, the Yorkshire Wolds offer beautiful landscapes and walking trails. The market town of Pocklington, known for its arts centre and Burnby Hall Gardens, is also nearby. Don’t miss a visit to the stately home and gardens at Castle Howard, one of the grandest private residences in Britain. Finally, the coastal towns of Bridlington and Scarborough offer sandy beaches and traditional seaside fun.

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