World Heritage status

It's no surprise that the historical significance of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Gardens has resulted in the attraction being named Yorkshire's first World Heritage Site. 800 years of history are wrapped up in the largest abbey ruins in the country, spectacular Georgian water gardens and the magnificent mediaeval deer park. More than just a day out, this is an experience you'll never forget.

Law of the land

I say, I say, I say - the long arm of the law beckons you into the Prison and Police Museum to spend time in an original Victorian prison. Experience the stocks and pillory, step into an 1877 vagrants' ward and stand in the 'Heartbeat' dock. And find out why people were transported to Australia for stealing a pair of shoes at the Courthouse Museum. Don't worry, you're free to go after your visit! Or walk in the steps of the Victorian pauper at the Ripon Workhouse Museum, where you can experience the austere atmosphere with displays of workhouse food, uniforms and the hard labour they had to endure.