Medieval market square shopping

Thirsk's medieval market square is the setting for a variety of speciality stores and cafes that cater for locals and visitors alike. Window shopping will take on a whole new meaning as you wander around, as many shops still have their original frontages. If you're here on a Monday or Saturday, don't miss the chance to check out the wares at the open-air market.

Local, friendly and independent

This is the place to escape those oh-so familiar High Street chains and shopping malls. Thirsk has a wealth of smaller, more independent stores that befit an old fashioned market town of its size. Of course you'll find plenty of hole in the wall cash machines but beyond that, you'll enjoy the more local sights, sounds and smells of bakers, butchers and flower shops that are dotted all around.

Explore the alleyways

Just when you think you've seen all Thirsk has to offer, think again. They may just look like small alleyways, but you might be surprised what those little side streets have to offer. So get exploring Thirsk's nooks and crannies and you'll be rewarded with another world of teashops, clothes shops and furniture sellers that you never knew were there.

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