The best day out in history

The Industrial Revolution may have transformed this ancient town but there are plenty of historical sights to marvel at. A trip to Rotherham Minster, described by Pevsner as "the finest perpendicular church in England" is a must. As is the Chantry Bridge - one of only four bridge chapels surviving in the UK. Indeed, JM Turner was so impressed by them he painted both! Why not stay overnight at the modern Carlton Park Hotel which offers the highest quality of accommodation and service for both business and leisure guests.

From shopping to show-stopping

With Meadowhall, one of the UK largest malls on its doorstep, and the Parkgate retail complex just 5 minutes away, shoppers in Rotherham are spoilt for choice.  Culture lovers have plenty to applaud too. The town's Don Valley stadium plays host to many international stars, while smaller venues like Nellie Dean's and Snafus cater for more independent music.

Go zorbing in Ivanhoe country!

Sir Walter Scott in his classic novel 'Ivanhoe' describes the countryside around Rotherham as boasting "beautiful hills and valleys." And the good news is, it still does! The picturesque Rother Country Valley Park offers families the chance to picnic, cycle, kayak, windsurf and even Zorb in acres of lush parkland. While Clifton Park also provides a tranquil haven. Or why not fire your imagination by visiting nearby Conisborough castle with its unique circular keep that towers 100 feet above the landscape.

Take a walk on the wild side!

Encounter the exotic and experience a wild family day out at the Tropical Butterfly House! Get close to free-flying butterflies and birds, as well as friendly, free-roaming farm animals. Meet the residents of Meerkat Mansion and Prairie Dog Camp, along with snakes, birds of prey and creepy crawlies in unforgettable Animal Encounters daily.

Fantastical Secrets

In the heart of Rotherham sits a little secret - a fantastical apothecary serving wild schemes, evil plots and kitchenware to magical beings since 1148.  Since becoming visible to the mortal world in 2016, Grimm & Co has welcomed humans (with warnings of the possible side-effects of our potions, which include unwarranted sarcasm and squeaky bottom burps).  Mini-mortals may take a book from our Forgotten Library and write a letter to a favourite magical being (replies by owl post). Due to an unfortunate curse, all proceeds from the apothecary provide exciting, free writing workshops to children and young people.