Hawes Essentials

Discover the heritage of Hawes

The roots of Wensleydale cheese are firmly set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, at the Wensleydale Creamery, built in 1897 it was the first to be built and the skilled cheese makers still continue the art of hand-crafting the world famous cheese. Visit the centre to take a trip back in time explore the museum and experience the captivating, emotional story behind Yorkshire's famous cheese.

Home to the highest waterfall in England

Hardraw Force is a definite must-see attraction, situated in a quiet area of some enchanting woodland this is the highest single drop waterfall in England at over 100 feet. These famous falls were used as a location in the hit Hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and it is estimated that the waterfall was formed over 15,000 years ago toward the end of the last ice-age.

Beauty spot

Aysgarth Falls sees the river Ure flow near the Aysgath village over the broad limestone steps and is one known as one of Wensleydale's most iconic beauty spots, although not particularly high the waterfall provide an utterly pleasant riverside walk that links the upper, middle and lower falls.

Summer strolls

Situated in the upper Wensleydale on the river Ure this beautiful town is very popular in summer with walkers and visitors, the natural beauty and character make for a wonderful walk.


Hawes is home to the annual Brass Band Festival, located in the natural amphitheatre of the Hardraw gorge. The larger than life event sees players and audiences travel from far and wide to get together and enjoy the spectacular live music.

The festival has been celebrated every year since 1884 and now takes place on the second Sunday in September.

Shake the dust of your fancy dress outfits for the Annual Hawes Gala and enjoy a fun filled day for all the family, the fancy dress parade dances its way through Hawes and onto the Gala Field.

Children and families alike can enjoy the entertaining side shows, children's races and all the exciting activities that take place every year in June.

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