Bed & Breakfast Accommodation In Scarborough

The lovely seaside town of Scarborough is hugely popular among local and international tourists alike. There are plenty of things to do and see, plus a range of quality accommodation including quality hotels (also see our post on the best hotels in the town), holiday cottages and B&Bs.

About Scarborough

Experience the allure of Scarborough, North Yorkshire with its wide array of bed and breakfast lodgings. These range from plush retreats to cost-effective choices, all providing welcoming service, cozy rooms and tasty breakfasts.

Many of these B&Bs are conveniently situated, granting easy reach to local sights and services.

This guide provides details on top-ranked B&Bs in Scarborough, helping travelers choose the right place for a memorable visit.

Below you can find a list of the popular bed and breakfast options available to book online in Scarborough.

View B&Bs In Scarborough

Picture of Ashburton House - B&B

Ashburton House

43 Valley Rd, Scarborough, YO11 2LX, United Kingdom

The Dickens Bar & Inn

41 Huntriss Row, Scarborough, YO11 2ED, United Kingdom

The Cavendish

53 Esplanade Road , Scarborough, YO11 2AT , United Kingdom

Park View

Peasholm Drive, Scarborough, YO12 7NB, United Kingdom

Villa Marina

59 Northstead Manor Drive, Scarborough, YO12 6AF, United Kingdom

The Rockside

15 Blenheim Terrace, Scarborough, YO12 7HF, United Kingdom

The Raincliffe Hotel

21 Valley Road, Scarborough, YO11 2LY, United Kingdom

The Headlands Hotel

16 Weydale Avenue, Scarborough, YO12 6AX, United Kingdom

The Cordelia

Esplanade Road, Scarborough, YO11 2AT, United Kingdom

The Boundary

the boundary 124-126 north marine road, Scarborough, YO12 7HZ, United Kingdom

The Beaches

167 Columbus Ravine, Scarborough, YO12 7QZ, United Kingdom

South Moor Farm

Dalby Forest Drive Langdale End, Scarborough, YO13 0LW, United Kingdom
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Top Rated B&Bs in Scarborough

Several B&Bs in Scarborough consistently impress guests with their exceptional service and accommodation quality. Mansion House, Carlton House, and the Villa Marina are particularly well-regarded, providing a pleasant guest house stay coupled with a hearty breakfast.

They represent the finest bed and breakfast experiences in Scarborough, making them preferred choices for travelers wanting an unforgettable stay.

Breakfast Options at Scarborough B&Bs

The menu for breakfast at Scarborough B&Bs is quite varied, with options to suit different dietary needs and preferences. These Scarborough bed and breakfast establishments give high importance to dining facilities and boast a selection of top-tier breakfast choices.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty English breakfast or seeking a healthier choice, there’s something to ensure you start your day in this picturesque coastal town on the right note.

Budget-Friendly B&Bs in Scarborough

Those on a slim budget can find Scarborough brimming with a variety of cost-effective bed and breakfast choices that offer comfort and excellent service.

Notable are the family-managed, affordable B&Bs in Scarborough that provide essential services such as free parking and free wifi.

They are highly commended for their welcoming and hospitable environments, ensuring guests have a pleasant yet economical stay in this lovely coastal town.

City Center Accessible B&Bs

B&Bs in Scarborough are strategically placed, offering guests quick and easy access to the bustling city center and its plethora of attractions. These B&Bs are a short stroll away from the town center and local facilities, serving as an ideal starting point for your city adventure.

Choosing a bed and breakfast in the heart of Scarborough provides not just comfort and hospitable service, but also simplifies your sightseeing, making it both effortless and convenient.

Unique B&B Options in Scarborough

Scarborough is home to a variety of unique bed and breakfast accommodations, each with its own unique features and services tailored to a wide array of traveler tastes.

The Ashburton House is distinguished by its warm hospitality and cozy en suite rooms.

Rose Dene, another distinct B&B choice in Scarborough, provides a peaceful setting with personalized care.

These choices represent the charm and personality that make staying at a bed and breakfast in Scarborough an exceptional experience.

Historical B&Bs in Scarborough

Scarborough, known for its rich history, hosts numerous bed and breakfast accommodations set in beautifully maintained historical buildings.

Some of these historical B&Bs in Scarborough even offer views of the eminent Scarborough Castle. They provide guests with a unique blend of the past and present through their warm hospitality.

An inviting stay is guaranteed with rooms that exude character and charm, making a visit to this historic coastal town an unforgettable one.

Coastal B&Bs in Scarborough

Tucked along the scenic coastline, a multitude of bed and breakfast establishments in Scarborough invite visitors to start their day with the calming sounds and captivating views of the North Sea.

These coastal B&Bs in Scarborough span from charming lodges to lavish accommodations, each offering snug rooms and nourishing breakfasts.

Experience the allure of seaside living while relishing the comforts of a home away from home at a Scarborough bed and breakfast.

Luxurious B&Bs in Scarborough

If you’re after an element of luxury, the high-end B&Bs in Scarborough offer a heightened experience. They effortlessly blend the allure of coastal life with indulgent amenities and superior comfort.

These Scarborough bed and breakfast establishments stand tall in comparison to any local hotel in terms of luxury, with their plush beds, gourmet breakfast offerings, and personalized service.

Family-Friendly B&Bs in Scarborough

Scarborough B&Bs offer an array of high-end amenities inclusive of child-friendly features, making them an ideal option for those traveling with kids.

These kid-friendly B&Bs in Scarborough offer a hospitable, home-like atmosphere perfect for families.

They are situated conveniently near local attractions for an engaging visit for everyone.

Think about booking a bed and breakfast in Scarborough on your next family outing.

Things To Do In Scarborough

While you’re in the area, they are many attractions and things to do. Check out some of your options below.

Wolds Way Lavender

Wintringham, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 8HW

North Bay Railway

North Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6PF

Ryedale Folk Museum

Hutton-le-Hole, North Yorkshire, YO62 6UA

Beachcomber Red Seafront Open Top Bus

The Seafront, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

South Bay Beach

South Bay Beach, Foreshore Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1NU

Dalby Forest Visitor Centre

Dalby Forest Visitor Centre, Dalby Forest, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7LT

For further information on the best things to do, check out the full list of attractions in Scarborough.