Business Subscription

£72.00 Inc VAT / month

  • Up to three listings in
  • A business entity listing in
  • List your event venue in
  • List your events in
  • Job listings
  • Publish your press releases on
  • 20% discount on additional promotional services



  • Up to three listings in
  • A business entity listing in
  • List your event venue in
  • List your events in
  • Job listings
  • Publish your press releases on
  • 20% discount on additional promotional services
  • Pay monthly – allows payment via:
    • Direct Debit
    • Card payment

Benefits of a Business Subscription on

The Business Subscription on is designed to offer a balanced blend of features, making it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require more than just a basic listing but do not need the extensive range of options available in the Corporate Account. With its moderate pricing and a well-curated list of benefits, the Business Subscription hits the sweet spot for many enterprises. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect with this subscription tier:

Up to Three Listings on

More Room to Showcase Your Offerings

The Business Subscription allows you to list up to three different business entities or venues on This is an excellent opportunity for those businesses that have multiple but limited branches or services. You can capture a wider audience by showcasing different facets of your business, all under one unified account.

A Business Entity Listing in

Put Your Business on the Map

In addition to the three listings, you also get a specialized business entity listing. This feature enables you to provide potential customers with critical details about your business as a whole, not just the venues or services you offer. It helps in building a strong brand presence on a platform frequented by a Yorkshire-centric audience.

List Your Event Venue in

Get Your Venue Noticed

Own an event venue? Make it visible on through your Business Subscription. Whether it’s a banquet hall, a conference center, or an intimate event space, listing your venue will put you in front of an audience actively searching for such facilities in the Yorkshire area.

List Your Events on

Boost Your Event Attendance

Use your Business Subscription to list your special events—be they annual sales, workshops, exhibitions, or any other gatherings. By advertising these events on, you can attract the right kind of attention and footfall, ensuring that your events are well-attended and successful.

Job Listings

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Finding the right talent can be a challenge. With the Business Subscription, you can post job listings directly on This allows you to reach a pool of potential candidates who are specifically interested in opportunities in the Yorkshire region, thereby making your recruitment process much more efficient.

Publish Your Press Releases on

Keep Your Audience Informed

Have some exciting news about your business? The Business Subscription allows you to publish your press releases on This feature is invaluable for making announcements, launching new products or services, or sharing updates that you want to disseminate to a wider audience.

20% Discount on Additional Promotional Services

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget

Much like the Corporate Account, the Business Subscription also offers a 20% discount on additional promotional services. You can take advantage of this to further elevate your business’ visibility through sponsored content or other premium advertising options available on the platform.

Pay Monthly and Convenient Payment Options

Budget-Friendly and Flexible Payment

The Business Subscription is not just feature-rich but also budget-friendly. Unlike the annual payment structure of other tiers, this subscription allows you to pay monthly. Choose from easy payment methods such as Direct Debit or Card Payment, making it hassle-free to maintain your subscription.

The Business Subscription offers a middle ground that combines affordability with an extensive list of beneficial features, making it a great choice for businesses that are looking for more than just the basics but aren’t quite ready to commit to a Corporate Account. Sign up today to start enjoying these excellent perks tailored to the needs of growing businesses.


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