Castles in the sky

It’s only a matter of time before you succumb to the ancient charms of Skipton Castle. And why not! Over 900 years old, this is one of the most complete and best preserved mediaeval castles in England. You’re free to explore every historic nook and cranny; peek into the Banqueting Hall, roam around the Kitchen and Bedchamber and climb from the depths of the Dungeon to the lofty heights of the Watch Tower.

Behold the romantic ruins

History and legend are also waiting to be discovered in the ruins of Bolton Abbey’s 12th Century priory. If you enter the estate through the hole in the wall, the romantic ruins literally lay in wait for your arrival as you descend the old steps and go back in time. Don’t forget your camera as there are photo opportunities at every turn – just be sure to pop it safely away before you cross the famous stepping stones to join the riverside walk!

Entertaining old traditions

Granted market rights by King John in 1204, today’s market town is still a hub of activity and proud of its traditions. Sheep Day is an event to behold with sheep dog trials, sheep shearing, vintage tractors and even an old ducking stool. Depending when you visit, you may encounter Skipton’s riotous gala or Waterways Festival or time it perfectly to experience the famous Yuletide Market, complete with a High Street procession.

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