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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Advice

Stay at home

The latest advice from medical and scientific experts is to stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS. If at all possible, try and rearrange your bookings for later in the year. We desperately want to be able to say to you, welcome to Yorkshire, but not for the immediate future. Obviously, going for a walk is good for our mental and physical well-being, but we must ensure we keep our 'personal space' - and that means staying at least two meters from others. 

Yorkshire Wish List

Why not use this time, to pull together your very own Yorkshire wish list? We recommend picking 5-10 places; they could be old favourites or somewhere you've always wanted to visit, they could be on your doorstep or miles away, it could be a restaurant, family attraction or place, and make plans for the future for when you can visit them. Use this website for inspiration and let us know on social media where you plan to visit. Our message for now is clear; imagine now, explore later.

Buys Vouchers

We would encourage people to consider buying vouchers in our BOOK IT BANK IT ENJOY IT campaign. Help tourism and hospitality businesses in Yorkshire by purchasing vouchers from a range of organisations. 

Days In

With children now at home we’ve created a 'Yorkshire Days In' Campaign – full of ideas as to how you can keep the kids occupied. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels and join in our conversation, using the hashtag #YorkshireTogether.